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School Jotter is the UK’s most popular school website system. It’s become so popular because it’s easy to use and allows schools to have an attractive, intuitive website to promote themselves. Even the least tech-savvy teacher can create pages, and upload excellent examples of pupils’ work and achievements.

Blogging for Schools

With web 2.0 technologies reading and writing takes on a new and exciting dimension that you want to harness in the classroom. Blogs have successfully been used in education at all levels. The e-learning Blog app in School Jotter will soon have your pupils writing blog posts, reading other’s blog posts and then posting comments and thus start a conversation. 


Learning sites act like ‘real’ websites, but are only accessible to pupils and teachers within your school. They can be used for lesson plans, to set homework and for children to submit their work. They can be created to cover any topic, and can be embedded with resources, like videos, wikis for collaboration and self-marking quizzes.

Parental Engagement

Broadcast is more than just a way of sending a message to  parents. It’s a multi-functional communication app that’s simple to use, and allows teachers to both send and receive messages, and create a history of messages sent to and received from parents.

Experts in School Website Solutions

Since 2003, we've been working with thousands of schools throughout the UK and abroad to develop the best in web-based educational software. Our core belief is that web technology has the potential to revolutionise learning and our aim is to provide learners in all sectors and at all levels with the necessary tools to realise this potential. As well as developing our own e-learning products, we work with a range of partners to bring schools the most cutting edge software and services.

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