Parental communication tools - use this app to get instant email and text messages to parents.


Broadcast app is more than just a school text messaging service. It’s a multi-functional parental communication tool that’s easy to use, and allows teachers to both send and receive messages and create a history of messages sent to and received from parents.

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Key Features

  • Send text or email: Choose which method to use or send via both channels automatically
  • Accept replies: Parents can reply to your messages too
  • Block numbers: Eliminate spam and and unwanted inbound messages
  • Create templates: Make sending out messages quicker and easier
  • Get confirmation reports: See who received your message and who didn’t

Key Benefits

  • Increase parental engagement: Connect with parents through their phone, providing them with instant information regarding your school, their child or the community
  • Eliminate paperwork: Remove the need for paper and ink costs when contacting parents
  • Save time: Getting a message to every parent no longer means calling each one individually - one message can be sent to all parents in minutes
  • Get instant responses from parents: Any message sent via Broadcast can be responded to. Message histories are also recorded in the app
  • Send important information, instantly: Parents can get informed of anything from snow days to school event updates as soon as they need to know it


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