An app for creating school forums - an online space for pupils to discuss learning.


Forum is an app designed to encourage collaborative work: pupils can enter any of the forums you create and discuss assignments, homework or tests in one safe online place. Accessible from anywhere, Forum is a useful tool for homework - it means pupils have help and guidance from peers at the click of a button.


Key Features

  • Avatar picture: Pupils’ School Merits avatar becomes their profile picture
  • Open conversation: Pupils and teachers can join in discussions
  • Simple layout: Making it easy to create new forum discussions

Key Benefits

  • Promote expression: Build pupils’ confidence by allowing them to take part in online discussions within a safe environment
  • Develop e-safety awareness: By writing, sharing and collaborating online pupils can learn online etiquette, and understand how technology can be used to share and learn
  • Develop digital literacy: Pupils can develop an understanding of how to use online technology in a controlled, monitorable environment


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