MIS Portal

The MIS Portal App allows teachers & parents to view their SIMS data from within School Jotter.

Keep track of pupil’s behaviour and attendance records as well as their timetable contacts, without having to leave School Jotter.


The MIS Portal app integrates with your existing SIMS and allows you to access the data stored there within School Jotter’s interface, without having to duplicate data or recreate your database. MIS Portal’s simple interface allows for graphical reporting, easily accessible contact details, timetables, behaviour and attendance records. The locked interface stops any accidental edits to the main MIS system, and is a great way for parents to see their child’s record.

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Key Features

  • Full integration with your existing SIMS system.
  • Access to attendance, timetables, achievement and behaviour records*.
  • Contact details for both pupils and teachers easily accessed.
  • Graphical reporting for attendance built in.

*Feature set will vary depending on the data stored in the school’s SIMS.

Key Benefits

  • Allow access to MIS information without making your system vulnerable - all data is display only making it impossible to edit or damage.
  • Let teachers quickly access details they need, such as contact details for when parents need to be called, or timetables for individual students so they can be found.
  • Let parents view their child’s records from their computer, letting them see how their child is doing without them having to contact the school.
  • Let students see their own records, allowing them to access their timetables and keep an eye on their own records.

MIS Portal

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