SIMS Integration

Integrate your MIS with School Jotter to utilise its advanced student-management capabilities

Save time on user management and remove data duplication by letting SIMS manage user data and permissions within School Jotter.


School Jotter offers integration with your existing MIS system, ensuring that the student data stored within it is always accurate and up to date, with no requirement to keep things updated within Jotter itself. The data can be used by the system in a huge number of ways, from dealing with usergroups and permissions level in our Blog app through to mass-messaging parents with Broadcast and quickly displaying useful integration with MIS Portal.

SIMS Integration


Key Features

  • A real time-saver - no need to maintain a separate user database for School Jotter
  • Enhance the functionality of other Jotter apps and make them easier to use
  • Easily deal with permission levels and groups to display the right information to the right people
  • Quickly communicate with parents, either through Broadcast or displaying information in MIS Portal

Key Benefits

  • School Jotter's access is read-only, so there's no need to worry about making a mistake or corrupting data.
  • There's no issues with data duplication or ensuring that data is kept up-to-date when it's all drawn from the same source in SIMS.
  • Enhance the functionality of both current and future Jotter apps.
  • Make parental and student engagement easier by keeping all relevant information easily accessible within School Jotter.


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