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School Jotter brings together your website, online learning, blogging, apps and parental engagement tools in one fantastic, easy to use system. You can have any combination of the following apps in your School Jotter account:

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The Site app is where you create, update and maintain your School Jotter website. Choose a bespoke or template theme, then create web pages, add pictures and showcase your school to the world. Requires very little IT skill.



The Learn app allows you to create learning sites to enhance your student’s learning experience and extend it outside of the classroom. You can add images, web links and flash programmes, or even embedded resources from the internet, such as videos, presentation or educational games.



The ePortfolio app is a secure online space where learners can create a profile, upload work and network with peers. Pupils create their own webpages to record their achievements or journey to become better pupils.



Blogging is seen as a great way to engage reluctant writers and create a buzz about literacy. Your students are motivated to write good blog posts as the reward might be having their blog posted onto your school website. When the blog is posted, parents and the wider community can add comments, adding another morale boost.



The Resources app allows you to share materials you have created with teaching staff in your school and all other teachers who are part of the Jotter Learn community. Resources that you make can be used on as many learning sites as you wish, and be brought back for revision as required.


School Merits

Our School Merits app is an online instant rewards system that motivates your pupils to achieve their targets. Each child has an avatar that represents them online, and will appear alongside blog posts. Merits can be spent on avatar clothes and accessories, or spent in a customisable shop. A comprehensive report builds of each pupil and their improvements, which can be shared with parents to reinforce a home/school link.


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Since 2003, we’ve been working with thousands of schools across the UK and worldwide to develop the best school websites and online educational software. Our core belief is that web technology has the potential to revolutionise learning, and the aim of our company is to provide learners in all sectors and at all levels with the necessary tools to realise this potential. As well as developing our own elearning products, we work with a range of partner companies to bring schools the most cutting edge software and services.

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