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As an independent school that requires outside funding, your website has to be professional and engaging. Information about sponsors may also be required, and displaying how the partnership is beneficial to your students is crucial in maintaining your school’s reputation.


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Celebrate your achievements.

You need a website that reflects your school in a professional manner and celebrates your student’s achievements. Information about these successes needs to be clear and easily accessible to¬†prospective parents.



Training tailored to your needs.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes full training for your staff and unlimited technical support. Each group of staff will use the school website in different ways; we recognise that and will tailor your training accordingly.


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Independent Success

Social content such as electronics forms and polls as well as Twitter and web feeds are all great ways to engage with parents and the wider community through collecting information and offering information that your parents may not look for otherwise.

We offer a mobile app which is a brilliant way to push out reminders and urgent news items from your website to your parents mobile phones and tablets. Our Moodle app will soon be available providing you with integration between your School Jotter apps and Moodle VLE.



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Since 2003, we’ve been working with thousands of schools across the UK and worldwide to develop the best school websites and online educational software. Our core belief is that web technology has the potential to revolutionise learning, and the aim of our company is to provide learners in all sectors and at all levels with the necessary tools to realise this potential. As well as developing our own elearning products, we work with a range of partner companies to bring schools the most cutting edge software and services.

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