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Create a professional, easy-to-use website.

We can create secondary school websites that are easy for teachers and support staff to take forward and manage. Showcase your school's achievements and aims, as well as interacting within the local community. We can build you a beautiful secondary school web design with a simple editing interface, and integrate your content and a wide array of education and communication apps.

Secondary School Websites


Full support and training.

We provide support and training for all of your staff, allowing you to share the workload between departments. Your teaching staff will receive training on how to create informative and interactive pages to support their students work, as well as being able to advise parents of the resources available to their children and how they can support them. Administrative staff can be trained in how to update the site with vital news, and keep track of online interactions.

Report on your results.

Use School Jotter to help report on student work, train staff on how to keep the site up to date and manage your online presence. Help create a site that not only acts as a great ambassador for your school, but also integrates into the daily workload, providing help and unburdening staff.

Secondary School Web Design

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Secondary Success

Getting parents to communicate with your school is a constant challenge, so the more options you can offer them the better. Create your own electronic forms that allow parents to contact you 24/7, or create polls so that they can give you their opinions when asked.

Get your students blogging in the Blog app, posting the best ones on your school website. Allowing your students to offer information about school life is an innovative way to draw parents to your website to comment on these blog posts. The blog app can also be used by staff to post about the school, and invite discussion from parents about teaching and learning methods.


Our wide array of apps integrate seamlessly into any School Jotter site, and allow you to take control of your elearning.

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Since 2003, we’ve been working with thousands of schools across the UK and worldwide to develop the best school websites and online educational software. Our core belief is that web technology has the potential to revolutionise learning, and the aim of our company is to provide learners in all sectors and at all levels with the necessary tools to realise this potential. As well as developing our own elearning products, we work with a range of partner companies to bring schools the most cutting edge software and services.

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