Anti-bullying Week

14 to 18 November


During Monday's Assembly we were visited by DC Richard Denton from Bedfordshire Police, and two Community Support Officers. They talked about Cyber-Bullying. 

They explained that Cyber-Bullying is the use of Information Communications Technology (eg: Mobile Phones, Email, Social Networking, Chat Rooms, etc) for the purpose of bullying.

They advised us to take the following action if we receive nasty messages:

   1) Save the message, don't delete it.

   2) Tell a trusted adult, like a parent, guardian or teacher.

The police do sometimes have to get involved, and are able to trace messages to find out where they came from.  People can be sent to prison for Cyber-Bullying.


Bullying was discussed in many different lessons during the week.  Follow-up activities included writing poems and making posters.  Work was displayed in the Main Hall and around the school.


Friday 25 November

Special Assembly to showcase work done and celebrate achievements during Anti-bullying week.