ICT - Non Curricular

If you are missing any of the three calendars below...

  • Access your Google calendars using your supplied login details
  • Click the drop-down arrow just to the right of Other calendars
  • Click Add a colleague's calendar
  • Copy the required calendar ID below and paste it into the text box and then click the Add button


        1. Event Calendar                      broadfields.net_6fnqdjvfa24v7qu1bmqomnk7to@group.calendar.google.com
        2. Absence Calendar                  broadfields.net_u9j6b4ro81jjqnccispdqu9foc@group.calendar.google.com
        3. Walking Bus Calendar          broadfields.net_mqeo5rv0l46c86ctaac3ginc50@group.calendar.google.com


For Target Tracker...

1. Software download it's normally the the first download at the top of the page (currently version 15.0.02 as of 26 Sept 2014)

2. Now download the Software key file from the school network. Staff Shared Area\10 Whole School\Software\Target Tracker\302-3519 Broadfields Primary School.pttkey *

* Note: Remember where you have saved the key because you will need to tell Target Tracker where it is.