Jaw-dropping Stunt Team

Stunt member jumping off of level

Stunt member hopping on back wheel.

Stunt member flying through the air. 

Stunt member jumping over the teacher.

The UK’s number 1 mountain bike stund and display team enthralled Edmund Waller pupils on Wednesday 9th March 2011 with their death defying stunts. With every child from Reception to Year 6 recieving cycle training by our Edmund Waller cycling instructors at point or another during the school year, this performance was to highlight the fact that safe cycing was not only used to get to and from school but when cycling at all times.

Stunt member cycling towards children. Stunt member hopping on back wheel on the ground.

As part of our commitment to building a sustainable community, we wanted to show children how much excitement they can have on a bike. Safety was also an important factor int he show higlighting the fact that brakes are important and being aware of others and our surroundings.

Two M.A.D. (Mountain Bike Aerial Display) stunt team cyclists performed their show on the ground, on a lower level of their staging and even up high above their Landrover. They hopped on their back wheel, explained why they did not have a seat, talked about the bennifits it had on keeping healthy,

jumped from one part of the stage to the other and even took of their front wheel to carry out stunts. There was a lot of humor in the show as well as cycling up to the children and braking swiftly. We even had our own Gary and Tim as volunteers where they had to sit on the ground whilst on of the men jumped from a great height over them.
There was a point in the show when they were jumping over a bar from the floor and rasing the bar up. Talented stunts people!

Stunt member cycling on an apparatus over children.

Stunt member cycling on an apparatus over young children.

Stunt member cycling up high on their Landrover.

During another part of the show there was a section that really got the children sitting at the edge of their seats. 4 children were asked to sit under the stunt apparatus whilst the M.A.D. stunt team performed tricks over them. I can tell you all our hearts stopped when watching this jaw-dropping performance.

The company has gained many awards worldwide and it was  privilege to have them perform 4 shows at Edmund Waller. You can find out more about the M.A.D. by clicking here.

Children screaeming and laughing with excitement.

Stunt member jumping over a bar whilst on a bike.

Stunt member jumping over a bar whilst on a bike.

All in all the day was a magnificant success with the whole school community buzzing with excitement and wanting more. For a show like that, the M.A.D. company are putting a lot of smiles on people’s faces whilst doing what they love to do. Just have a look at the photos of our Edmund Waller children.

Children laughing

Children excited during the cycling performance.

Thank you to Mr Bardouille (Deputy Headteacher) and Lewisham Road Safety Team for organising this event.

To read more about Edmund Waller cycling or our School Travel Plan, click here.