Welcome to our Nursery

Teachers: Mrs C. Hardwick
  Mrs A. Wilson
Assistants: Mrs A. Ray
  Mr R. Coverdale
Class Letter - Spring Term 2014
Curriculum Overview 2013-14






The theme for the first half of the Summer Term is

'Animals of the World'

As we always do, we asked the children what they would like to find out next term. Our theme will be; ‘Animals of the World’.

These are some of the questions they came up with.

(We are going to have a busy time!)

          • How does a colossal squid breathe air?
          • Can we find out how fish breathe under water?
          • How can fish dive underwater?
          • Do lemon sharks smell of lemon?
          • How does a caterpillar walk?
          • How do giraffes necks grow and grow?
          • How do snakes get so long?
          • How do elephants squirt water?
          • How do lions roar so loudly?
          • Who do penguins swim in water?
          • Why do sharks show their fin?
          • Do elephants have birthdays?
          • How do squids come in lots of different colours?
          • How can crocodiles live in and under water?
          • How do cats climb?
          • How do people know how to treat pets well?
          • Why do cats play with toys?
          • How do dogs smell?
          • Do fish eat rocks?
          • What does an elephant drink?
          • Where do fish live?
          • What do elephants, giraffes, and kangaroos etc.?
          • Why do rabbits jump and not run?
          • Are poodles born pink?

Welcome to the new term; we are exploring the topic of ‘Animals of the World’


Week beginning Tuesday 22nd April

The theme this week is Pets


Some of the activities we will be exploring are;

  • Thinking about the type of background our tadpoles might like on their tank. Then investigating colour mixing - the children will have the challenge of mixing green to make a backdrop for our ‘pet’ tadpoles. They will have a wide range of powder paint colours to choose from but their target colour is green. Once the backdrop is finished they will then cut out a 'frog' to stick on!
  • Reading ‘Dear Zoo’, talking about the animal carriers / cages used. Then the children will explore using 2D and 3D shapes to construct a carrier/cage for individual animals from the story. Completing the activity by creating a label.
  • Making a talking book using photos and children's comments ( exploring using the recordable books and/or iPads) to show how to look after a pet. Mrs Wilson is bringing her pet to school and the children will have the opportunity to ask about how her family cares for him at home.
  • Music will be linked to our RE theme of relationships and the song - 'You've got a friend in me'
  • We also be finding out "How do cats climb?" and "Are podles born pink?" (see the children's questions above.

Show and tell; pets

Shared reading is on Friday 25th April.

Week beginning 31st March

The theme this week is Easter

Some of the activities we will be exploring and learning about are; 

  • In PE the ‘Mice’ will be continuing to develop gymnastics skills and the ‘Moles’ will be developing ball skills. As a warm up we will be playing ‘musical letter shapes’, when the music stops the children stand still and represent a given letter shape in the air. At the end of PE we are making a healthy snack of pasta salad!
  • Using iPads as we look for signs of New Life in our school grounds. The children will be taking photos of what they find and exploring an editing package to discover how they can alter their photos.
  • Participating in a ‘problem solving’ egg hunt – using egg boxes. “Each egg box needs to be filled, you have only found 2 eggs, how many more do you need?” etc. We will also be exploring how we could write these number sentences.
  • Continuing to look at the symbols of Easter and the children will be making salt dough hot cross buns, using their hands to roll out the dough and using tools to make patterns in the dough.
  • The ‘Mice’ group will have Music and will be singing favourite songs and nursery rhymes.
  • (Don’t forget it’s a shorter session for the ‘Moles’ on Friday.)

Show and Tell will be "Why are you special?".  The children can tell everybody what makes them special - it might be something they are good at/a special talent, why you think they are special, because of things they do eg. being friendly, kind, helpful, looking after their brother or sister etc.

Shared reading is on Wednesday 2nd April