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Teacher: Mrs C. Hardwick
Assistants: Mrs A. Ray
  Mrs M. Howe

Class Letter - Autumn Term 2014






Autumn 2 (after half term) – Working World


These are the questions  and topics the children thought of when we asked for ‘help’ with planning our learning after half term;

    • Fire engines – how do they go nee naw?
    • How do fire engines / police cars get to an emergency so fast?
    • How are firemen ‘Danger Detectives’?
    • How do water hoses work on a fire engine?
    • I want to know about slow and fast (linked to vehicles).
    • Do trains go faster than trucks?
    • How do cars make smoke?
    • I want to know about cars and motorbikes.
    • Why do cars stick to the speed limits?
    • Builders – how do they climb up ladders and then build?
    • How do builders stick the bricks onto buildings?
    • I want to know how you cook?
    • Celebrating – birthdays ( “After Christmas – then its my birthday!”)
    • How do scissors cut wet wipes? What can scissors cut? – we thought we’d link this to wrapping presents!
    • How does Father Christmas get down the chimney?

Great ideas everyone!



Week  beginning  3rd November

The theme this week is bonfires and the fire service

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • INSET day on Monday – we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
  • Following on from the children’s interest and questions during the previous week (before half term), we will be talking about “Fire engines – how do they go nee naw?” We will be listening to and watching a clip about a choir creating sound effects for a car advert and then exploring the sounds we can make. We will explore loud and quiet sounds and how sound travels, using the school loud hailer and making our own.
  • Playing Fire Engine board games, focussing on taking turns and counting spots on the dice and number of moves along the track.
  • Fotos de braseros leñeros chisperos fierro en Región MetropolitanaWe will be celebrating Bonfire night at school (a day late!) by having a fire on Thursday during the morning. On the previous day the children will be creating their own risk assessment (linked to their questions; "How are firemen ‘Danger Detectives’?" and "How do water hoses work on a fire engine?"). We are going to make soup and baked potatoes to share with Reception.
  • Building on poetry week prior to half term we will be talking about alliteration and bonfires and creating our own descriptive phrases to describe the school bonfire. We will also be mixing colours using powder paint to paint and create flames for a fire display.

Shared reading is on Wednesday 5th

Show and tell; talking about colours / reflective colours



These are the questions the children wanted to find out the answers to over the first few weeks - up until half term.

  • Washing machines – how do they go round?
  • Colours of houses – why are they different?
  • Why do houses have numbers? What about telephone numbers?
  • Can we find out about how many cars are on the roads? And what about number plates?
  • On microwaves the numbers go down till its ready – why?
  • How do people get to school?
  • Do teeth get old?
  • Why is ‘steam’ different colours when it comes out of chimneys? Is it like steam trains?

Week  beginning 20th October

The theme this week is special places / Diwali

It is also Poetry week so we will be listening to and talking about a poem each day. There will also be poems linked to each activity.

Some of the things we be learning about and exploring are;

  • In PE;  listening to music about ‘autumn leaves’ again and exploring movements,  then learning and reciting '5 little leaves 'poem . We’re also still practising getting changed and dressed.
  • Following on from the children’s interests in maps/ travel during the previous week, we will be using world maps and counting how many boats / cars / trains there are when they are placed in a line between countries. We will be talking about countries that have relevance to the children.
  • Creating sparkly masks linked to a range of celebrations which happen at this time of year, including Diwali. The children will select which materials to use to decorate their mask and use tools to make holes, cut string etc.
  • Listening to a 'special places' poem before using iPads for the first time (at school). Using the camera app, in pairs, to take photos of places that are special to each child at school. Then writing our own poem about special places
  • Visiting the Rex (!), watching a short film and exploring the cinema. Let us know if you are able to come with us.


Shared reading is on Tuesday 21st

Show and tell; picture / photo / object from a special place.


Week  beginning 13th October

The theme this week is trains / stations

Some of the things we be learning about and exploring are;

  • In PE;  listening to music about ‘autumn leaves’ and exploring movements. We’re also still practising getting changed and dressed.
  • Recapping the story; The Train Ride.  We will be role playing the story and the arrival at the station. We will be talking about which foods we might take in a picnic on a journey. We will be handling and describing laminated foods!
  • Designing a train track, looking at a toy train track, then creating our own 2D layout, using cutting skills to cut strips and gluing them on the ‘lay out’.
  • Sprouting beans - a train drivers healthy snack!)We will be exploring making marks to represent the number of beans as they drop into a jar, counting the number of marks made and linking this to numerals. We will then prepare the beans for sprouting.
  • Music; exploring loud and quiet sounds and talking about how sound travels.  Can you hear the train whistle from a long way away? Can you hear the trains travelling along the track? We will be using instruments to create these sounds.

Shared reading is on Wednesday 14th

Show and tell; anything train related.


Week beginning 6th October

The theme this week is; ‘How do you get there?’

Some of things we be exploring and learning about are;

  • On Monday in PE we’ll be exploring dance linked to Hickory Dickory Dock, making different shaopes with our bodies and moving to rhythms.
  • On Tuesday we are walking to PAWS at Thomas Coram to have our snack, we will be going whatever the weather, so please make sure children have a coat and comfy shoes
  • Investigating traffic jams and queues. Talking about positional language and counting how many cars are in the queue and checking to see that there are still the same amount if they’ve moved along the road.
  • Exploring collage and junk modelling as we use a variety of materials to create pictures of vehicles.
  • On Friday for show and tell the children can bring in their bike or scooter from home. Earlier in the day they will be writing labels to hang on their bike or scooter so that we know who’s is who’s!

Shared reading is on Monday 6th.


Week beginning;  29th September

The theme this week is ‘ What I do well’.

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • PE – warming up and cooling down to music from around the world. Exploring emotions as we listen to a variety of expressive music – responding to this with movement.
  • Making a birthday card for Mr Tig Tog, the puppet. Talking about things that we are interested in (e.g. book and TV characters) before cutting out an image to stick on the front of the card and representing names inside.
  • Talking about what we do well, recapping last weeks book ‘Guess the Baby’. Then looking at how STIK, the graffiti artist, draws people before having  ago at drawing ourselves doing ‘what we do well’!.
  • Creating fruit kebabs; counting how many pieces of fruit we have, counting out a given number of pieces from a large group and talking about how many altogether. Then we will create the kebabs ready for Fridays party.
  • On Friday we will be having a party for Mr Tig Tog,  dancing to music from around the world, playing games and talking about our experiences of birthdays.

Show and tell is on Friday; the children can bring in a photo, drawing or object linked to ‘what I do well’.

Shared reading; Thursday 2nd October



Week beginning 22nd September

The theme this week is ‘my home’.


Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • PE; exploring moving in different ways and stretching and curling our bodies. Dancing as rabbits.
  • Building on questions asked by the children we will be looking at the house /flat numbers on each stamped addressed envelope (see last weeks note) and talking about why the numbers are important. The children will draw a picture and write their name – this will then be posted home. Don’t forget to let us know when it arrives!
  • Again building on the children’s questions, we will be looking at pictures of different types of houses before exploring the construction kits in the classroom and building our own houses / flats etc.
  • Solving problems, using the Interactive Whiteboard,  as we sort table settings for a puppets birthday, counting to check that we have the correct number of plates, cutlery etc. (The puppets birthday is next week).
  • In music we will be preparing for a puppets birthday by listening to ‘The Kings Birthday Music’ story and then exploring loud and quiet sounds using body percussion and drums.

Show and tell this week is on Friday 26th; the children can bring in anything to do with houses.

Our first shared reading session will be on Monday 22nd, please come in for a few minutes when you drop your child off and read a story with them.


Week beginning 15th September

The theme this week is ‘my family’.

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • PE; getting changed into PE kits for the first time. Exploring dance in the hall - linked to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Talking about our school ‘family’ (our ‘Bear’ and ‘Butterfly’ groups), playing a photo matching pairs game, naming individual children and also looking at written names.
  • Making garlic bread – some of the children have been talking about garlic and how they have eaten it; garlic bread seems popular! We will be practising using tools safely and talking about how to use the cooker safely (only adults will actually use the cooker)
  • .Talking about shape families. How many triangles can you spot? How do you know it’s a triangle? Then selecting one type of shape to create a collage.
  • Reading the story ‘Peace at Last’ and creating our own sound effects using voices and body percussion

Show and tell this week is on Friday 19th; the children can bring in a family photo


Week beginning 8th September

The theme this week is; ‘Me’

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • Visiting the hall and finding out what PE is, exploring the space and listening to instructions.
  • Getting to know our keyworker group and new friends through playing name games.
  • Investigating hand washing and how germs spread – the germ experiment! Using pencils and having a go at representing names.
  • Exploring creative resources and using paint to decorate a person template – looking at similarities and differences between themselves and others.
  • Exploring counting using hands, fingers, and counters.
  • Music; exploring rhythms and chants linked to the story The Three Little Pigs.

Show and tell this week is on Friday 12th; the children can bring in something that is important to them to show to their keyworker  group.

Week beginning 1st September 2014

The focus this week is 'settling in'. We are looking forward to visiting many of you for home visits at the beginning of the week, and to the children joining Nursery at the end of the week.

Keep an eye on the website for weekly updates of what we are exploring and learning about! During the second week of term we will be asking the children what they would like to find out about - look out for a list of their questions on this page!