Welcome to our Nursery

Teachers: Mrs C. Hardwick
  Mrs A. Wilson
Assistants: Mrs A. Ray
  Mr R. Coverdale
Class Letter - Summer Term 2014
Curriculum Overview 2013-14






The theme for the second half of the term is 'Trains' followed by 'Dragons and Dinosaurs - fact or fiction'.

As we always do, we asked the children what they would like to find out next term. These are some of their questions;

  • How do green trains go slow and red trains go fast?
  • Why do some trains go so fast/ slow?
  • How do bullet trains go so fast?
  • How do train bridges get made?
  • How do trains make themselves chug?
  • Why do trains go like this (moving arms in a circular motion)? 
  • How do trains move?
  • How do trains work on tracks?
  • Why do unicorns have horns?
  • Do you unicorns have horns? What are they for?
  • How can unicorns fly? Do they fly?
  • Why can meat eater dinosaurs crunch through the horns of leaf eaters?
  • How do dinosaurs get so big?
  • How do dinosaurs roar like a lion?
  • Can dinosaurs jump?
  • How/ why can dragons breathe fire? Why do they?
  • How do you get a rainbow dragon?
  • How do dragons fly?
  • How do dragons move their legs?
  • What do potions do?
  • How can people fix toys?  (Fairy tale)
  • How do wolves make noises?  (Little Red Riding Hood)
  • What is a troll?


Week beginning 21st July

Welcome to the last week of term

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring this week are;

  • Having a party, celebrating the time in Nursery and looking forward to new beginnings. (See the party food list in the Nursery)
  • Painting the clay bowls we made for telling the Goldilocks story – the children will be bringing these home on Tuesday.
  • Going on a shape hunt with a partner, finding 2D shapes with a given number of sides and naming the shapes as well as matching and naming 3D shapes
  • Talking about what the children have enjoyed in Nursery and what they are looking forward to in Reception before drawing a picture of a favourite object / activity at school.

Shared reading is on Monday 21st

Dont forget that school finishes early for Moles on Wednesday 23rd.

Have a great Summer everyone!

Week beginning  14th July

We are still exploring the theme; Traditional Tales


  • During PE; Reading ‘The Great Big Enormous Turnip’ and warming up to aspects of the story. Exploring and practising athletics skills in teams. Then we will be harvesting some of our onions and cabbage to make soup for snack! A busy day!
  • Recapping aspects of the Elves and Shoemaker story before exploring patterns, looking at the patterns on the soles of our shoes before practising pen control and selecting colours to create our own pattern designs
  • Recalling aspects of the Jack and the Beanstalk story (at the children’s request) before acting out the story,  using instruments to accompany aspects of the story.
  • Zoe the cook will be coming into the nursery to talk to the children about her job in the school and to demonstrate her baking skills by making and cooking bread rolls for the children. We will then read the story of The Little Red Hen and watch a video clip of how wheat is turned into flour and how when the bread has been made it ends up in our shops.
  • Reading the story of Rapunzel and watching a clip from the film 'Tangled' to see what Rapunzel's tower looked like. The children will then build their own Rapunzel's tower using 2D or 3D shapes.

We will also be talking about the children's questions; What is a troll? How can people fix toys?

 There will be no Show and Tell this week as the children will be choosing their favourite songs, ring games and stories.

Shared reading will be on Wednesday 16th


Week beginning 7th July

The theme this week is; Traditional tales

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are;

  • PE; continuing to develop skills used during sports day, participating in team races and developing athletics skills.
  • Recalling aspects of  the story of Snow White, before playing shape bingo – an activity the seven dwarves do very often as they don’t have computers or a television.! We will be talking about the names of 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.
  • Recalling aspects of the story; Goildilocks and the Three Bears. Then exploring clay and different techniques for handling it, moulding it and creating different forms before making ‘porridge bowls’ for the bears. At snack time we will be cooking and tasting porridge.
  • Reading a story to find out how religious leaders help others. We will link this to how Mrs Dunmur helps the teachers and children in our school.
  • In Music the children will choose instruments to add sound effects to the story of the Billy Goats Gruff.

Finally, the theme for show and tell is 'favourite fairy tales'.

Shared reading;  Tuesday 8th

Week beginning 30th June

The theme this week is Potions and Perfumes

Some of the things we will be learning about and exploring are:

  • Participating in whole school Sports Day in teams (Don’t forget to send your child in wearing their team colours).
  • We will be talking about letter sounds and names and exploring using different mark-making tools as we represent them on a small and large scale. We will be making a giant alphabet potion for creating exciting words!
  • Gathering and snipping herbs from our garden to mix perfumes and potions / exploring capacity as we work. Comparing the capacity of different sized and shaped containers.
  • All week the children will have the opportunity to use iPads and digital cameras to take photos of their environment and exploration.
  • We will be making a potion to make a new member of the class who is made up of all the 'unique' bits of the nursery children. The children will draw and write their ideas, placing them into the cauldron.
  • We will be listening to a piece of music and performing a 'ghost dance'. The children will listen to how the music changes and tiptoe or move like ghosts to the correct part of the music.

Shared reading will be on Friday 4th July

Show and tell: 'potions and perfumes'. For example, the children could draw or make their own potion or perfume, bring in a science experiment book or bring in a relevant story. Any other ideas welcome!


Week beginning 23rd June

The theme this week is dragons and unicorns.

These are some of the things we will be learning about and exploring.

  • Linked to Puff the Magic Dragon, we will be creating and using textured paint to create clouds to be displayed with the giant dragon described below. We will be investigating what happens to the paint when you put it in the microwave for a minute.
  • Practising for Sports Day so PE kits need to be in school every day please.
  • Looking at the artwork of Karel Appel and Frank Stella before creating our own artwork. Using the children’s drawings of a dragon as an outline, we will be exploring collage techniques using plastic bottle lids (highlighting the importance of reusing / recycling) to create a giant dragon. This is linked to Jack’s question; How do you get a rainbow dragon?
  • Linked to the story ‘Where’s the Dragon? ’we will be predicting and finding out how many candles  we can light with one match (how many could a dragon light?). Does it make a difference with size and shape of the candle?
  • Giving some fairies and unicorns some magic food. The children will be given a number and they will count out the correct number of pieces of food to give to their fairy or unicorn. We will then compare who has more and less food and we will find out how much food two unicorns have altogether, using the language of addition.
  • In Music we will be listening to some fairy music and moving our bodies in response to the music. We will also add some fairy sound effects.

Show and tell will be fairies, unicorns, dragons, kings and queens - anything to do with myths and fantasy.

Shared reading is on Wednesday 25th



Week beginning  16th June

The theme this week is dinosaurs again.

Some of the things we will be learning about  and exploring  are;

  • On Monday there will be no PE as we are having lots of exercise later in the week when we go on the Big Toddle!
  • Acting as palaeontologists as we discover bones hidden in sand. We will use the bones to make a big dinosaur and spend time sharing ideas of how we could do this. This is linked to Leon’s question “How did dinosaurs get so big?”
  • Dressing up with a space theme for the Big Toddle (Tuesday) – don’t forget its not too late to volunteer to come with us!
  • Thinking about caring for our teeth and dinosaur teeth – linked to James’ question.  We will be creating models of mouths to attach to tooth care ‘posters’. We will be discussing what we need to include in our posters and then exploring writing to represent what we want to say.
  • Exploring dinosaur roars (loud and quiet) using onscreen volume detectors!
  • Mixing colours to make peg stegosaurus's. In pairs the children will compare the number of pegs they have on their stegosaurus's and then add them together to find out how many there are altogether.
  • In music we will play pass the pebble on, a game where they have to pass the pebble on to the beat of the music.

Show and tell; can the children bring in something to do with fossils or explorers. This could be a photograph, a book, an actual fossil or some information about an explorer, archaeologist or palaentologist and something that they discovered.  

Shared reading will be on Thursday 19th


Week beginning 9th June 2014

The theme this week is ‘Dinosaurs’

 Some of the things we be learning about and exploring are;

  • Visiting the library on Monday for a story telling session. Thank you to those who have already volunteered to help, and don’t forget it’s not too late to come with us if you able – just let us know on Monday. 
  • Using laptops and developing control of a touch pad mouse  - exploring the effect of selecting different tools in a drawing package and then creating dinosaur pictures. 
  • Talking about healthy eating and exercise (building on the children’s homework). We will explore travelling like a dinosaur and jumping in different ways before making a healthy ‘dinosaur salad’. We will also be finding out the answer to Hannah’s question “Can dinosaurs jump?” . 
  • Thinking about the size of dinosaurs and their feet. Working out how many of our feet would fit into a dinosaur footprint and exploring measuring. 
  • Music will be; We will be recalling the story read earlier in the week “ Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp” and creating a dinosaur dance – exploring instrument sounds and dinosaur movements.

Show and tell; dinosaurs and dinosaur facts

Shared reading will be on Wednesday 11th June



Week beginning 2nd June

Monday is an INSET day

The theme this week is; TRAINS!

  • We will be investigating building bridges using a variety of construction materials – in response to the children’s questions. We will also be finding out ’how trains chug!’ The children will be creating their own name badges to be worn on our train trip.
  • We are going on our days outing to Leighton Buzzard steam railway!
  • We will be counting out the correct number of people to match a numbered train carriage. We will then write that number (by making marks or recording the numeral) to show that the carriage is full and ready to go. We will also find out ‘how many more’ people need to be added to one carriage so that it has the same number as a second carriage.
  • For show and tell can the children bring in a toy train so that we can test which goes the fastest. This is linked to the children’s questions - Why do some trains go fast? How does the Bullet train go fast? If they don’t have a toy train they will get the opportunity to talk about their own train experiences.

We will also think about eco–friendly ways to travel during our train theme.

Shared reading will be on Thursday 5th June