BBC Schools - Science Clips
  Science Made Simple
Natural History Museum
BBC Education
DynaMo's Lab
Science Splat Quiz

How Stuff Works - A great site for finding out the science behind everyday objects.

  Extreme Science
Channel 4 Science Essentials (for Key Stage 2)

Earth Science resources - lots of resources linked to atmospheric heating and cooling

Science for Kids 


Natural History Museum - life
ARKive - animal database
Science for Kids - animal facts
Wildlife Watch

Nocturnal Animals

Life in the dark

Nocturnal animals

Nocturnal animals video

BBC Learning Zone - Class clip

BBC Nature - Nocturnality

Nocturnal wildlife spotting around the UK

from The Guardian


Innovations Learning (Hampshire)

Habitat activities
Habitats Quiz 

  Human and Animal Habitats
Humans and Animals
Uncle Eric's Garden
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust 
Habitats Interactive Crossword
Minibeast Hunt Graph - go on a minibeast hunt then create a graph online
Plant Life

Where Do I Live? - Habitat game - sort the animals into their correct habitats (from BBC Education)

Odd One Out

Habitats and Food Chains - facts and links to more resources (from Woodlands Junior School)
Coral Reef

Plants and animals in the local environment



BBC Science Clips

Design a habitat game
The Great Habitat Match-up
Animals Tour
Insects Tour
Marine Life Tour


Helping Plants Grow
Growing Plants
The Great Plant Escape - Help the detectives unlock the mysteries of plant life
Life Cycle of Plants
Label parts of a flowering plant
Seed - All About Plants
Plant Life

The Human Body 

Moving and Growing

Bones - put Annie back together!

(from BBC Education)

Inner Body - Human anatomy in pictures
The Body Quiz
How are the sketetons the same - Frog and Human
Living Skeleton - x-rays and photogrphs of bones and joints
The Amazing Human Body - great games and activities to play


BBC Schools Science Clips Health and Growth
Keeping Healthy - great information, recipes, games
Welltown Active or not active?
The Dining Room Game
BBC Health Kids Health
FOSSweb Food and Nutrition
Flour and Grain Fun with Flour
Flour Power
Fun Recipes
WSGfL Meet the Food Family
Active Science Energy Challenge
  Dole 5 a Day - lots of information for young children about health
BBC Science Clips Teeth and Eating
British Dental Association 3D Mouth
Colgate Kids World
Crick Primary School Tooth Types
Learning and Teaching Scotland Healthy Kids Teeth Defender Game
Enchanted Learning Tooth Anatomy
Channel 4 Science Essentials Teeth and Eating
Scholastic Magic School Bus Arnold's Great Tooth Exploration
Harcourt School Publishers Smiling Bright
Nothing But the Tooth
BBC Schools Science Clips Sorting and Using Materials
Grouping and Changing Materials
Characteristics of Materials
Glass Forever Games
Active Science Mission Material
Science Museum Challenges of Materials
Crick Primary School Material Labels
Naming Materials
FOSSweb Wood and Paper
Teaching and Learning Resources Materials and their Properties Crossword
Harcourt School Publishers On the Resource Trail Game
Innovations Learning Materials and their properties
Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School Materials and the Weather
e-gfl Material Matters
BGfL Big Books Building Materials and their Properties
BBC Schools Science Clips Rocks and Soil
WebquestUK Gran's Garden
Guess the Rock
Rocking Around
LGfL Different Types of Rock
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Geo Mysteries
BBC Education Britain's Rocky Past
Ivy Hall School Illinois Rocks
FOSSweb Pebbles, Sand and Silt
Earths Materials
Solids, Liquids and Gasestop 
BBC Science Clips Solids and Liquids
Gases around us
LGfL Solids, Liquids, Gases
Hands on Technology Solids, Liquids and Gases
Coxhoe School Who wants to be a Millionaire? solids, liquids and gases
Innovations Learning Science Materials Quiz
Echalk States of Matter
Harcourt School Publishers States of Matter
Teaching and Learning Resources Solids and Liquids Quiz
CATIE Solid, liquid, gas test
Crick Primary School Changing State
Changing Materialstop 
BBC Science Clips Keeping Warm
Changing State
Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Athena Sort the Watercycle
BBC Schools Pod's Mission Solids and Liquids
BBC Schools Digger Separating Materials
Science Museum Challenge of Materials
BBC Skillswise Measuring Temperature
FOSSweb Heating and Cooling
Mixtures and Solutions
e4s Dissolving
BBC Schools Rivers and Coasts Watercycle animation
Physical Processes 
BBC Science Clips Using Electricity
Circuits and Conductors
Changing Circuits
Andy Thelwell The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
Anglia Campus Electricity safety in the home
Hands on Technology Electricity and Magnetism
  Power Discovery Zone - lots of games and activities
ExploreLearning Exploring Circuits
Toftwood Infant School Which things use electricity?
BBC Schools Pod's Mission Electricity
Innovations Learning Which of these materials are conductors?
e-gfl The Electricity Book
Electricity Quiz
Teaching and Learning Resources Electric Circuits Battlestar Game
Engineering Interact Silicon Spies
Sun, Earth and Moontop 
BBC Science Clips Earth, Sun and Moon
Toftwood Infant School The Solar System
  British National Space Center
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Cosmic Quest
Engineering Interact Astro Adventure
BridgendGfL Phases of the Moon
eChalk Solar System Games
Moon Lander Game
  NASA Kids
Hands on Technology Space
Harcourt School Publishers Phases of the Moon animation
Fourmilab Earth and Moon Viewer
Teaching and Learning Resources Save the Earth Solar System Quiz
Night Sky Wordsearch
Planet Science Solar System
Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Space Tour
Dark and Lighttop 
BBC Science Clips Light and Dark
Light and Shadows
How we see things
National Museum of Photography Magic Factory
Amazing Space Catch the Waves
Boots Learning Store Insight into eyesight
Optical Research Associates Optics for Kids
Engineering Interact Alien Attack
Teachers Lab Where is the player? Game
BBC Science Clips Sound and Hearing
Changing Sounds
Sound and Hearing
ThinkQuest The Ear
FOSSweb Physics of Sound
Hands on Technology Sound
Crick Primary School Naming Sounds
Engineering Interact Ocean Odyssey
Biosonar Seeing with Sound
Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Sounds
Harcourt School Publishers Bird Songs (American)
BBC Science Clips Pushes and Pulls
Forces and Movement
Magnets and Springs
Forces in Action
WSGfL Cyril's Cheese
Rubble Newton in Action - Friction
Planet Science Science Friction
Teaching and Learning Resources Magnets Crossword
Caret Brainteasers and Puzzles Rollercoaster Designer
Parachute Man Simulation
Sir Robert Hitcham Primary School Forces in Toys
Magnet Man Cool Experiments with Magnets
Science Year Mr Zippy's Trainers
FOSSweb Balance and Motion
Magnetism and Electricity
Leavers and Pulleys
Hands on Technology Marvelous Machines
Engineering Interact Park World Plot