Geography at Craneswater

Geography at Craneswater offers exciting opportunities for children to learn about the world around them. It is taught as a blocked topic within each year group and each focuses on the progression of skills through the study of a place or physical element.

The Craneswater Geography curriculum offers opportunities for children to:

Develop awareness of place, starting at a local level and extending to regional, national and global contexts.

Develop understanding of the physical elements of geography

Experience using atlases, globes and maps at a range of scales.
Use ICT to support learning at every available opportunity
Participate in field visits where possible
Enhance their awareness and responsibility for the care of the earth and its sustainable development




Geography website links



Ordinance survey

Map Symbols

Map reading for kids

BBC Map skills, Compass, symbols & scales

National Geographic for kids



Year 3

Children develop their mapping skills through th unit 'Getting to know our school'. They later focus on the locality of Southsea

and what the town has to offer as a tourist destination.  


Southsea Beach






Year 4

Children develop their understanding of place through a study on the village 'Wickham'. Through a field trip to the village, the children consider what the village has to offer to a potential new family compared to living in a city like Portsmouth

Learn about the continents and oceans of the world

Continents and Oceans

 The National Geographical for Kids




Year 5

The start of this unit focuses on 'water': where it comes from, the importance of it to society. its uses and its effects upon health. As the unit progresses, children learn about rivers'; how they get their water, they're features and their effect upon the environment. This s unit is supported by a field trip to Selborne where the children are able to carry out tests in a river.
Children develop their mapping skills through the unit: 'Getting to know our school'. They later focus o the locality of Southsea and what the town has to offer as a tourist destination.

About the river Thames

Flood map

Water Wise

Water Cycle




Year 6

Year 6 are currently studying a new unit based on Rainforests. This unit will focus on the features of rainforests and why they are important. The children will also learn about the preservation and sustainable development of rainforests. The unit is supported by a visit to Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

Rainforest Alliance

Children of the Earth

BBC Rainforests

Layers of the rainforest





The Geography curriculum is further supported through extra curricular activities such as the after school environment club.