School Parliament

School Councillor BadgeWe have a School Parliament committee who meet on a regular basis and discuss any issues that the children may have. They raise funds in different ways for example selling cakes or 'Mufti' days. One of the issues children had was to install a “Friendship Bench” in the playground. Children now know that if they feel that they want a friend to play with they sit on the bench and someone comes along! Other children in the school can talk to any of the committee members if they have a good idea or an issue they feel needs to be dealt with. The committee is made up of children from all year groups except foundation.

The committee members for 2014/2015


Max Welch

Toby Druce

Maddy Little

Lia Penaloza Willcox


Milly Dunger

Ethan Spring


Emma Jordan

Kieron Taylor


Lukas McEwan

Abbie Leaning Hardy



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