Glenwood primary school was established in 1981 through the amalgamation of Glenwood Infants and Junior schools, both of which being existed on the same site. The latter dating from the 1920’s and a listed building, the former being of 1960’s construction. Plans are currently being drawn for a £8m refurbishment programme.

Located in Upper Riga Street with an entrance on the Shankill Road, the school serves children from a wide area centred on the upper Shankill district.

The school has adequate accommodation for 20 classes, a special needs unit, TV room and 2 assembly halls. The school library has been refurbished to provide a bright modern facility for all the children. A computer suite has recently been developed. A school meals kitchen is located within the grounds of the school. Plans to refurbish part of the school and to rebuild the remainder are at an advance stage. A breakfast club operates from 8:10 to 8:40 each morning. Various other activities are provided through partner organisations such as Barnados, “Mad Science” and “Debutots” as part of a growing extended school programme.

In Glenwood we strive to establish and maintain a quality relationship with the parents of all our pupils. We believe that this has a positive influence on our activities. Parents are welcome to the school at anytime and are actively encouraged to leave their children into school each morning. Parent/teacher interviews take place twice a year to discuss the attainment and progress of children. Reports are issued to parents at the end of June.

Regular parents’ meetings and curricular workshops are held to involve and inform parents about matters directly related to their children’s education. The school also has a parents’ room where parents may meet at anytime for formal or informal activities.

The school provides a broadly based, rich and varied curriculum and teachers seek to use both traditional and modern teaching methods to provide an appropriate, relevant and quality educational experience for the children in our care. In addition a range of extra curricular activities is provided: Drama Club, Football, Art Club, and Netball. A newspaper club produces a school newspaper each term. The Scripture union meets in the school each week and members get the chance to attend a summer camp annually. The school choir performs in the community and beyond and plays a central part in the production of a concert or pantomime every other year.

The school is keen to support activities organised by local groups, charities and other bodies. In recent years the school has worked with the Ulster Orchestra and BBC Northern Ireland.

The board of Governors has drawn up the school’s admission criteria and has delegated to the Principal its function and responsibilities in relation to the application of these criteria and the admission of pupils to the School.

1. Attainment of compulsory school age i.e., children born between 2nd July 2004 and 1st July inclusive.

2. Attendance of brothers or sisters at Glenwood Primary School or if either parent/guardian is a former pupil.

3. Employment of a parent or guardian on the teaching, ancillary or auxiliary staffs or whose parent is a member of the Board of Governors.

4. Resident within the area for which Glenwood Primary School is the nearest school.

5. Resident within the area for which Glenwood Primary School is the nearest school, but who have to be looked after by relations who live inside the school area.

6. Resident outside the area for which Glenwood Primary School is the nearest school.

In the application of criteria 4, 5 and 6 proximity to the school will be based on the shortest walking distance from to school measured along a main route to the nearest gate of the school.

Criteria for admission to P1 after initial enrolment

1. Children will be admitted only if there is a space within an existing P1 class for the child, and if the nature of the children already in the class allows for the additional child to be adequately integrated.

 Applications for Admission

No of Applications Recieved No of Pupils Admitted
2006 67 67
2007 53 53
2008 64 64
2009 83 83