Berkhamsted Schools Re-organisation

Dear parents/carers

We are delighted by the Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Cabinet decision  to approve the re-organisation of education in Berkhamsted from a 3-tier to a 2-tier system from September 2013.  This means that the many preliminary discussions, around planning for this change, that have occurred between the headteachers and governors of the 10 schools involved, can now be translated into detailed plans and actions for this exciting new era.

To ensure a smooth transition from the present system, headteachers have already scheduled a series of monthly meetings for the current year.  The headteachers of Swing Gate, Thomas Coram and Victoria have also begun to look at different models of school days that will be appropriate to our new age ranges, with the aim of providing the greatest flexibility possible for children and parents moving between schools.

Similar work will also begin soon between our three schools on creating a unified approach to learning across the primary phase; an approach that is creative and enables all pupils to make the most of their primary experience, as well as equip them for the next stage in their learning journey to Ashlyns.  The unique collaboration between schools in the town and particularly Swing Gate, Thomas Coram and Victoria provides a real opportunity to share and develop collective facilities, ideas and resources in order to enrich the provision and experience for all our children.

The vision for our town and for our 3 schools remains a coherent, quality 4-19 education provision for all the children in Berkhamsted.  We continue to believe that this will be best achieved by working in partnership with parents/carers. We look forward to your contribution during this planning and implementation phase of what is a rare opportunity to shape education provision for future generations.

We would encourage you to visit the Berkhamsted consultation link on our school’s website to read more details about the HCC Cabinet’s decision.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. R. Dunmur   Mr. E. Delasalle            Mrs. C. Bull
Headteacher   Headteacher       Headteacher
Swing Gate First School  Thomas Coram Middle School Victoria First School