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Oh no! The nasty, evil dragon has flown into the castle and stolen the beautiful baby prince right in front of his parents. It's time for the knights to go forth and rescue him but how will they find the dragon's lair? Three intrepid Year 2 scouts ventured forth and have written the instructions down so the knights can follow them...


Directions set 1 by Libby A

1. First you have to climb over the mysterious mountains.

2. Oh no! Now you have to swim in the spooky swamp.

3. Uh oh! Time to go over Bitter Rope Bridge (make sure you don't fall off!)

4. RUN!!!! You have to go through Phantom Forest. Make sure you don't get captured by anything mysterious.

5. HEEEELLLLP!!! This time you have to get past the worst of all - Clattery Cottage and the Wicked Witch is the owner, she might turn you into something which will be HORRIBLE!

6. HOORAY, finally you've got to the cave and you've got the baby prince back. (Well done)


Directions Set 2 by Woody

Go over the witch's house then go past the yucky pond. Next go on the bridge. Go in front of the forest. After, go around the Big Cliffs. If there is a dragon in that dark cave then be quiet. When you go past the witch's house (she's got a small home and she's got a long nose) watch out for the long nose because she has got her eyes on you. Next look out for the pointy trees because the people will be coming down. Then watch out for the soldiers blocking the gate and the people shooting you. Finally follow the path leading into the cave.


How to Save the Baby Prince by Lydia

1. First take 10 steps and get to the Sharp Mountains.

2. When you get to Frog Swamp, which is full of frogs, get past it.

3. Carefully walk across the rope bridge.

4. Then walk through the dark, dark, horrid forest.

5. Walk around the witch's cottage but make sure you are not seen and be quiet! Shh

6. Walk around the witch's cottage and sneak inside the cave and grab the baby.

7. Finally run back to the castle.

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