Year 6

 Year Six Curriculum

Autumn Term 2013


As is required by law, we follow the National Curriculum, which provides the children with the opportunity to fulfil their individual potential. All children are grouped within class according to achievements for grammar and both the Literacy and Numeracy hours. This is to ensure that each child's needs are met. This year is an exciting year for us as we are following a Creative Curriculum. The children will be involved in more practical and creative activites that are based on an initial starting point.

In addition to the Core subjects, the children will be studying

Information Communication Technology







READING FOR TWENTY MINUTES A DAY = 7,280 MINUTES a year =  Over 5, 000,000 WORDS = improved fluency = improved comprehension!!!

 History - World War II

This term year 6 will be learning about WW2; How it began and what people in Britain experienced. They will be learning about rationing, child evacuations, the Blitz and the contribution that various famous people made during this period of history; for example, Winston Churchill. They will also be going on a variety of trips to gain greater insight into this period of history such as HMS Belfast, a ship which served during the said war.

 Computing - Multimedia

Year 6 this term will be using a variety of software and hardware to create their own multimedia projects. They will be able to use equipment such as digital, video and web cameras, green-screen animation, sound and internet technology.








 R.E. - Sacred Texts

This term Year will be looking at the different types of texts that religions deem holy; such as the Bible and the Qu'ran. We will be studying their make-up and looking at the history behind some of the stories included and why they are important and significant to the different faiths and to how we live our lives today.





Art - People in action

 In this term Year 6 explore dynamic activities such as sport, dance, drama and music as a starting point for making work in two dimensions. They look at how the idea of movement is shown in different kinds of art, such as photography, illustrations, cartoons, paintings, prints, and experiment with different methods and techniques to show movement.






Year Group Trips

Autumn term:  Into University /HMS Belfast / University college London / Houses of Parliament/

Brent Citizenship workshop Brent Park

Spring Term:  No Trips due to SATs preparation

Summer Term:  Regents Park / Southend on Sea/ Into University


Class assemblies and key year group dates for your diary

Harvest Assembly – 3rd October 2013

6H Class Assembly – 21st November 2013

6R Class Assembly –   5th December 2013  

SATs Week - 12th - 16th May 2014

End of year Performance – 15th July 2014

Year 6 Barbeque - 17th July 2014

Graduation - 18th July 2014