Many young people across the Bradford District use mobile phones on a daily basis and it is important that personal safety is always at the forefront of their minds.

West Yorkshire Police is encouraging young people to take steps to protect their mobile phones, whilst warning around the consequences of associated crimes.
How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim?

  • Only make essential calls in the street. Using a mobile phone in a busy area advertises the fact that you have a piece of valuable property. While talking on the phone you can be distracted and not aware of who might be watching you.

  • Consider where you leave your mobile. Open handbags can prove tempting for thieves, as do rucksacks and coats left hanging on chairs.

  • Security mark your phone with a postcode and house number using an ultra-violet pen. The best place is underneath the battery near to the SIM card and on the back of the battery. If it’s stolen and later recovered, the owner can be identified.

  • Make a note of your phone’s IMEI number and register it with your phone operator. If your phone were to be stolen, report it immediately and the operator will then be able to bar the phone, rendering it useless and worthless.

  • Forward your IMEI to This is a national register that the police and industry have access to. It can be checked to ensure owners are reunited with their property. It can and will be used by police when searching suspects on the street to catch them with stolen phones.

What are the consequences of mobile phone crime?

  • Stealing someone’s mobile phone is a very serious offence, which amounts to robbery.

  • Offenders won’t be given any final warnings. Where we have evidence, we will charge those involved and put them before the Courts.

  • Any arrests made for robbery are also considered for referral to the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit where further orders can be made to monitor individuals in the community.

  • Falsely reporting that your mobile phone has been stolen in order to get an upgrade or a new phone is also an offence and one which the police rigorously investigate.

  • Selling or receiving a mobile phone which you know has been stolen is also a crime. If you are offered a handset which you believe has been obtained illegally, tell the police.

You can report any of these offences to the police on the non emergency number 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. For further information on crime prevention advice, you can also visit the West Yorkshire Police Website:

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