The  "Time for Twos" Programme is a government funded initiative (with no financial cost to parents) for 2 year old children. The programme acknowledges the importance of these early years, and recognises the parent as primary early educator as they are the people who have the biggest impact on a child’s life. We at G-old are here to support that role.

To help the child develop to full potential in a way that meets the needs of the individual child in a child centred environment, where a well-rounded approach is used and all the areas of development are met.

Social                                            Cooperation

Emotional                                      Turn Taking

Physical                                         Sharing

Intellectual                                   Language Development

Creative                                        Imaginative


The ethos of the 2 year old programme

  • Children are strong, competent and able learners

  • In the early years children learn through their senses.

  • Children are capable of resolving conflict and solving problems

  • Children need to be given opportunities to master their environment

  • Children should be allowed to experiment and explore.

  • Children should be able to get dirty as development is more important.  Clothes will wash but last opportunities are lost forever.

  • Instead of saying “Children cannot” the Two Year Old Programme says “Children can”


 We have programmes running in

  • Holy Trinity Primary School
  • Derrychrin Primary School
  • St. Joseph’s primary School and
  • St. Mary’s Primary School.

The programme has been a huge success and we are all looking forward to a fun filled year ahead.