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ICT Games - Literacy (KS1)
Woodland's Literacy Zone (KS2)
BBC KS1 Bitesize: Literacy
BBC KS2 Bitesize: English
Primary Resources: English
The Children's Poetry Archive


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IR Primary Games Vol 1 to 5

IR Primary Games Vol 6

IR Teaching Money

IR Teaching Tables


Kent ICT Make & Do activities (KS1)
Sebastian Swan (KS1)

Woodland's Science Zone (KS2)
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NASA Kids' Club
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Natural History Museum: Kids Only

History on the Net

The Times Archive 1785-1985

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BBC Wildlife Finder
BBC Planet Earth video archive
ARKive: Images of life on Earth


Oxford Art Online (KentLib)
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Sebastian Swan
BFI Screenonline

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Sing Up
Oxford Music Online (KentLib)

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