Bradford Special Schools and the District Achievement Partnership (DAP)

Bradford Special Schools

Chellow Heights is a relatively new primary special school located in Bradford West. It caters for the needs of pupils with sepcial educational needs aged 2 - 11 years.

Chellow Heights opened in April 2010 along with six other new special schools under the Bradford reorganisation of special schools. This reorganisation involved a brave move to close all existing special schools and open 7 co-located new ones.

 The three new primary special schools in Bradford are

  • Chellow Heights
  • Delius
  • The Phoenix

The three new secondary schools, catering for pupils aged 11 to 19 years. The new secondary special schools are

  • Beechcliffe
  • Hazelbeck
  • Southfield

The seventh school is High Park, an all age school for Communication and Interaction difficulties. It has also opened in old buildings on split sites and will become part of the Belle Vue Campus of Schools which includes Chellow Heights when it moves to a new school in September 2013. An eighth school, The Oastler will also open in September 2013. It is a specialist school for older pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) from across the Bradford District.



Since 2010 the 7 Special Schools have worked together to support school achievement. This yearthe 8 special schools have formalised this working together by becoming a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The DAP offers school to school support, joint training sessions, moderation of P scales and sharing of informatrion, skills and ideas to ensure Bradford children with special edcucational needs, attending special schools in the district, get the best possible education. We have set up a DAP moderation website which has video examples to support moderation which we continue to build on. This website is free to any school wishing to use it.  Go to the website www.dapbradford.org.uk and request a log in.