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Software and Apps for Schools

Our software solutions are safe, easy to use and effective. From delivering blended learning, to simplifying communication inside and outside of school, our software modules will help you to improve school life.

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Surveys for Schools

Get ideas and feedback from your school community!

Create custom online surveys and share with your audience using the Surveys Module from your School Jotter account.

Why is the Surveys App so useful?

The Surveys App is a fantastic way to increase parental engagement and engage with your school community.

Whether you’re planning an event or activity, proposing a significant change to the allocation of resources or simply want to have a vote on the new school uniform, the Surveys App is easily adaptable.

Save time and eliminate paperwork, speed up the flow of information and analyse results quickly in a single screen report.

surveys for schools

Spellings Module

A fun and interactive way to get pupils practicing their spellings.

The Spellings Module is a great way for you to to encourage pupils to develop their word building skills, both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as tracking their progress.

How does the Spellings Module work?

The Spellings Module allows you to create fantastic spelling lists in minutes which you can share with your class straight away or at a later date. Either choose from our pre-made lists of dozens of curriculum-focussed tests or create your own. Custom lists can be created for your learners, customised to each child’s ability.

Using the innovative look-cover-write-check method to assess your students gives them the opportunity to learn both spelling and typing skills. Additionally, for accessibility purposes, audio tests are available for words in pre-made tests.

How does the Spelling Module benefit learners?

Spelling tests can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and on any device. One of the best features of the module is its tracking feature – you can set the same test multiple times and track a pupil’s progress over the course of a year, or compare them with their peers. The BrainTrain feature lets you see which words are most commonly misspelled and even lets you take these to create new, more challenging tests.

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ePortfolio Module

Create an online record of achievement for your students.

The ePortfolio Module is an e-portfolio for children that provides a colourful online space for them to upload the work they are proud of and want to share with others.

What does the ePortfolio Module do?

The ePortfolio Module gives your pupils a safe online space to save and display their work in. It can be used to create a digital story of learning – with students uploading text, images, documents and video of their achievements. Portfolios can be shared both inside and outside your school, engaging parents and the local community.

How does the ePortfolio Module benefit learners?

The ePortfolio Module promotes self-reflection and teaches children to be proud of their achievements. It encourages children to be expressive about the things they’ve enjoyed doing and to share that enjoyment with others. It provides a map of learning, allowing children to see their progress from month to month and year to year. Importantly, it allows you as a teacher to comment on any page and give students feedback on what they’ve done well.

Blogging for Schools

Help your children develop their confidence and self-expression.

Blogging is one of the most engaging and rewarding activities that children can do online. It is a fantastic way to develop reading and writing skills, promote peer learning and encourage open reflection on something newly learnt.

What does the Blog App do?

The Blog App is activated under your School Jotter account. Blog posts can be created and shared within the app or published directly to your school website. You might decide to set a blog topic for your class or ask students to keep a weekly log of their learning. Posts can be submitted for you to check and approve before publication. Pupils may be allowed to share or comment on blog posts once they have been published, enhancing the collaborative learning experience.

What are the key features of the Blog App?

The Blog App has a number of features to keep children safe online. Blog posts can be created within the app and shared only with a preselected group of people. As a teacher, you will retain control over the content created with a bad word filter notifying you if anyone is using the app inappropriately. By writing and sharing with others, pupils will learn to use the technology responsibly and gain an awareness of e-safety.

School Merits

Online rewards system for pupils

Our School Merits app is an online instant rewards system that motivates your pupils to achieve their targets. Each child has an avatar that represents them online, and will appear alongside blog posts. Merits can be spent on avatar clothes and accessories, or spent in a customisable shop. A comprehensive report builds of each pupil and their improvements, which can be shared with parents to reinforce a home/school link.

The app is an online rewards system that makes learning more enjoyable than ever. Each child has an avatar that’s created within School Merits – good work can be rewarded with merit points, the School Merits currency. Merits can be used to buy avatar accessories, donate to charity or purchase other items of your choice.

Key Features

  • Customisable avatar: A character that represents each pupil online – an important part of e-safety
  • Reports: Pupil progress reports can be generated and printed out
  • Online shop: With avatar accessories and the ability to add your own items for pupils to buy
  • Integration: Merits integrates with other apps from Webanywhere

Key Benefits

  • Improve behaviour: Because you can reward merits for good behaviour, pupils will be more inclined to work hard and earn merits to buy avatar accessories.
  • Reward outstanding work: The Merits app can be used to give recognition to those pupils who go the extra mile, as well as highlight to you the ones who made need extra help
  • Track progress: The reports feature means you can see what pupils are receiving merits for, and print reports on how well pupils are performing
  • Improve parental engagement: Parents can log in at home and see how their child has done at school, helping them to reinforce good behaviour in partnership with your school
  • Build social awareness: The option for pupils to donate their merits to charity gives you an opportunity to build awareness of real-world issues as part of everyday learning

Online Resources

Your school’s own repository for online resources

The Resources app allows you to share materials you have created with teaching staff in your school and all other teachers who are part of the Jotter Learn community. Resources that you make can be used on as many learning sites as you wish, and be brought back for revision as required.

The app can be used as your school’s own repository for resources, a cloud style drive, which can then be added to your learning sites within the Learn app. You can also search the many resources shared by the community, and quizzes can be created within the app to add to your learning sites. It’s a storage solution with a shortcut for turning resources into quizzes.

Key Features

  • Readily-available resources: For you to start using straightaway
  • Create your own resources: For you and other teachers to use again and again
  • Integration: Use the resources in other apps

Key Benefits

  • Share resources: Cherry-picking from the best resources sourced by other teachers means the quality of your e-learning is higher
  • Enhance learning: Use great quality resources that enhance the learning experience of pupils. Creating your own resources means they’re tailored to your learners’ needs
  • Save time: Save hours searching the internet for suitable resources – with hundreds of readily-available resources easily searchable within the app

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