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Cawthorne Primary School

If you ever wanted to see how a school can use Webanywhere products to their full potential, you wouldn’t need to look any further than Cawthorne Primary School.

A Webanywhere customer of two years, Cawthorne now use Learnanywhere, School Jotter and Learner Journey on a daily basis – in fact, it has become an integral part of school life for both teachers and pupils.

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Client name:
Cawthorne Primary School
Cawthorne, England
Education Solutions

Initially, School Secretary Gill Buckingham was looking for a school website solution.

Having started with a school website, it was Learnanywhere that has made the most significant difference to school life.

Having warmed to them immediately, Cawthorne’s pupils now use Learnanywhere and Student Jotter to do work as well as showcase their achievements to their parents and peers. Older children have particularly taken to this new way of working.

One of the most popular aspects are the avatars on Learnanywhere – which younger children love. In fact, Cawthorne have been using these, and Learnanywhere’s built-in rewards system, to decorate classroom walls. And this term, the school will be using Learnanywhere, and Learner Journey – which they recently upgraded to from Student Jotter – to teach children the art of blogging.

Cawthorne Primary School are now in the process of changing their School Jotter website to the new School Jotter 2 product – which includes improved designs, simpler user interfaces and additional features.

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