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Copley Primary School

Copley Primary School is situated in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The school currently has over 220 pupils between 4 and 11 years old.

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Copley Primary School
Halifax, England
Education Solutions

In December 2008, Copley decided to update their existing Webanywhere website with a move to the School Jotter content management system. They were keen to retain the Flash welcome page which was designed by Webanywhere for their original site. Their main site was then rebuilt in School Jotter. The benefits to the school were clear. Using School Jotter, they were able to edit their website from anywhere with an Internet connection, where previously they had been restricted to using specific computers at the school which had web design software installed. This made it much easier to keep the site’s content fresh and up-to-date, encouraging repeat visits. At present, Copley have one of the largest sites hosted with School Jotter, in terms of the amount of content they have uploaded. Visitors to the website can find an archive of newsletters, policy documents, calendars. Links to the pre-school and kid’s club, staff, governors and school council can also be found.

Photographs, podcasts and interactive spelling and maths tests add a multimedia aspect to the website, and visitors can also leave their comments, allowing the school to constantly improve the site in response.

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