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Enniskillen Integrated Primary School eLearning Case Study

Enniskillen Integrated Elementary School

A website is an extremely important asset for a school, as it’s usually the first thing a person will see when researching a particular school. Enniskillen Integrated Elementary School understand the importance of theirs and were keen, according to Jamie Johnston – IT Coordinator, to make sure that it was colorful, child friendly and primary focused. This would encourage staff, students and parents to fully utilize and engage with the website.

Enniskillen Integrated Primary School eLearning Case Study

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Enniskillen Integrated Elementary School
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Their decision to use Webanywhere’s School Jotter 2 was based upon other school designs showcased in Webanywhere’s portfolio.

“I love the colours and the style in which it is designed.”

Enniskillen Integrated Elementary School needed a site where they could control their own content, managing the site internally.

“We chose to move to School Jotter 2 for the functionality and control it gave us.”

In addition, Enniskillen wanted the creative flexibility to ensure they got exactly what they wanted in terms of school website design. Listening to their needs, Webanywhere were able to provide a site that encapsulated the school’s vision, rather than what a designer thought the school should have. Jamie feels that Webanywhere took what the school wanted and nailed it.

“You’ve made this a very easy process and have ensured that I have got everything that I’ve wanted and needed. I have been extremely impressed all the way around.”

After a straightforward set-up process, which included training and regular contact with Webanywhere, Enniskillen Integrated Primary School had a school website that was bright, fun and easy to use. Jamie says that the customer service was fantastic, with all questions being answered and issues being resolved within a day.

“I completed my second training session on Wednesday, which went really well. I am really excited about the possibilities that the new system will provide.”

Now that the site is live, Enniskillen can share resources, information, news and pictures, creating an integrated school community for parents, teachers and children.

“The children are really excited about the new school website.”

“The children are really excited about the new school website.”

Enniskillen Integrated Primary School

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