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Redlands eLearning Case Study

Redlands Elementary School and Nursery

We provided Redlands Elementary & Nursery School with a website that’s both fun and easy to use.

Anthony Curton CofE School eLearning Case Study

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Redlands Primary School and Nursery
Education Solutions

Redlands Elementary School & Nursery contacted Webanywhere four years ago, as their existing website wasn’t fit for purpose. They wanted a school website design and content management system that they could easily add content and update, as well as having more interesting features for visitors.

“I was looking for new software but they were all very complicated to use. We wanted more than our existing website could offer; multiple users and a virtual tour were two of the main advantages at that time.”

Website Administrator, Patricia White

After a simple set-up process, the new Redlands Primary & Nursery School website was created. It’s regularly updated, and it’s full of information for both parents and new visitors alike.

Parents really appreciate the new School Jotter site, as they can access things like the school lunch menu, semester dates and the latest news. The newsletter feature has proved especially popular.

Parents of potential new students find plenty of information about the school, its students and the activities. The website makes Redlands school feel particularly welcoming to English Language Learners.

Redlands School’s experience of using School Jotter over the past four years has prompted Patricia to recommend it to others.

“Parents with children with English as an additional language are drawn to the website on their very first visit as Google Translate not only translates the site, but all school documents too. Their transition into school is made far easier. I’ve already recommended a local school who asked us about our provider. I find it very easy to use.”

Website Administrator, Patricia White

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