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Here’s how School Jotter works

School Jotter is a suite of apps for managing your website, e-learning and communication tools in one place.

More than just a website

Boost learning, improve teaching quality, save time and enhance the usability of your website.

The platform is still incredibly easy-to-use, meaning that even the least tech-savvy teachers will be able to use School Jotter 2.5 and all of its features with ease.

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Key Benefits

  • Boost learning – eLearning software like ours engages students and is proven to increase retention rates by up to 60%
  • Enhance user experience – the same easy-to-use School Jotter platform with added features that improve usability, and help your school to achieve more
  • Encourage eSafety – allow your pupils to explore the internet and communicate with one another in a secure online environment
  • Save time – reduce valuable time planning, marking and completing administrative tasks
  • Meet Ofsted requirements – the simple School Jotter platform makes it easy to add, edit and manage all the content you want and need on your website
  • Engage parents – communicate effectively with parents with a responsive website that’s simple and easy to navigate
  • Promote your school – attract new parents to your school with an attractive website and tools that prove you’re dedicated to improving and encouraging learning

Key Features

  • Site+ – The UK’s most popular website platform with bespoke designs and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Surveys – Communicate with staff, pupils and parents about the questions you need answers to.
  • Blogs – Help students develop reading and writing skills, promote peer learning, and encourage open reflection on something newly learnt.
  • Learn – Create personalised, fun and interactive learning sites to enhance student progress.
  • Spellings – A fun way to encourage pupils to learn and practice their weekly spellings. It’s fully customisable with user-defined lists.
  • Merits – An online rewards system that motivates students to achieve their targets and helps teachers and parents track their progress.
  • Forums – Promote student discussion with students and peers in a secure environment.
  • ePortfolio – A secure online space where learners can create a profile, upload work and network with peers.
  • Messages – Send messages and teach children about eSafety within a secure environment.
  • Office 365* – Integrate School Jotter with your Office 365 system to access, upload, edit and modify all your OneDrive files within the familiar bounds of School Jotter.

Adding a Page

It’s really easy and fun to add new pages to your School Jotter website! Just follow this quick guide.

Changing Page Titles

Here’s how to change the title of your School Jotter Page.

Change a Jotter Page Layout

Moving Pages

Making a Page into a Category

Admin Add User

Admin Access

Find out how to give users access to different apps.

Admin Single User

Restrict a single user to editing a single webpage.

Admin Bulk Users

Create multiple users at once with a spreadsheet (CSV).