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09 Mar
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10 Engaging Ways To Use Technology In The Classroom
Category: Education Technology
Keeping education fun and engaging can be an uphill battle at times, especially so when the subject matter might not be the most captivating, or the course materials are a littl...
25 Feb
The Difference Between Hybrid And Blended Learning
Category: Education Technology, Jotter Lear...
With the introduction of technology into the classroom over the last few decades education has changed dramatically – and never as dramatically as seen over the last year ...
17 Feb
School Jotter 3-1
Why Upgrade to School Jotter 3?
Category: Breaking News, Education Technolo...
If you’re a customer of School Jotter, you will have heard lots already about School Jotter 3 and many of the improvements that we’ve made from our previous website platform. Bu...
19 Jan
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The Benefits and Advantages of Using Educational Technology in Teaching
Category: Education Technology
Following on from our recent post ‘What Is Educational Technology And Why Is It Important’ we will be looking at the core benefits of using technology in teaching and learning. ...
10 Dec
School Jotter 3
School Jotter 3: Our Most Advanced School Websites and Mobile Apps
Category: Bespoke School Websites, Breaking...
This year, possibly more than ever before, there has been greater demand put on schools to ensure they’re maintaining effective communication with parents and guardians. The sch...
30 Nov
education technology
What Is Educational Technology And Why Is It Important?
Category: Education Technology
In recent months educational technology (EdTech) has seen a rise in use and popularity, and not just due to Covid-19. But, what is educational technology? Simply put it’s the us...
26 Oct
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5 Ways PTA’s can Fundraise Through the Coronavirus Pandemic
Category: Tips and Tricks
This year is a year like no other, and alongside managing the risks of day to day school life, schools are also encountering problems with fundraising in a safe and fun way. As ...
13 Oct
The Latest Podcasts from the School Jotter Team
Category: Education Technology, Podcast, Un...
There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting guidance from the Department for Education, has continued to effect the way our schools are able to run now and ...
30 Jul
eLearning: How Coronavirus Could Change the Future of Education
Category: Education Technology, Technologies
Online learning has become increasingly vital to education since the onset of COVID-19. What lessons can we take from this shift away from the classroom?
05 Jun
Homeschooling: How to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Engaged in Learning During the Lockdown
Category: Education Technology
Keeping children engaged in learning is proving tough for many UK families during the lockdown. We share 5 tips on how to engage your children in learning...