Lowton Junior & Infant school

Case Study

  • School: Lowton Junior & Infant school
  • Location: Lowton, England
  • Category: Education Solutions
  • Website: www.lowtonprimary.wigan.sch.uk

Wigan’s Lowton Junior & Infant school provides a great example of how our school outreach programmes can benefit educational institutions in both the short and long term. After attending one of our training sessions on improving their school website.


Prior to working with us, and like many schools, Lowton operated a website designed and built by a parent. While these sites can sometimes prove cheaper and more responsive than a professional company, schools often find that their website is at the mercy of a potentially very busy parent, only able to make changes in limited downtime, and in Lowton’s case the site simply lacked the professionalism of similar schools.


It was very important to the school that we provide something consistent with their existing branding, and to this end they were very thorough in their requests, and thanks to the flexibility of the School Jotter platform were even able to tweak the website to fully meet their specific needs.


The school have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback to their new website, and has experienced increased traffic. A formerly static, antiquated system being transformed into a modern, effective communications system for the 21st century. Webanywhere were able to provide a modern, responsive website to a forward-thinking school, and the results really do speak for themselves.

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