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Jotter Call

Stay in contact with parents and students through your School Jotter mobile app

School Jotter Call is the easiest and safest way for parents to stay in touch with teachers remotely, without compromising teachers personal information

School Jotter Call

With School Jotter Call, parents are able to communicate with teachers through video or voice calls, without compromising personal information. With an experience similar to whatsapp or facetime, Teachers can make themselves available to contact through the School Jotter app, selecting when they are available, like a virtual parents evening!

How does it work?

Jotter Call is an additional feature to the School Jotter Mobile App, this allows for ease of use for both teachers and parents. Teachers set their availability in the app, allowing them to control when they can be contacted by parents.

As Jotter Call is part of the School Jotter app, we are able to onboard users through Groupcall MIS integration, reducing the time and effort required to adopt the technology. We can have the Jotter Call system set up within minutes. As the system is set up through MIS integration and housed within the School Jotter App, there is no need for further exchange of personal information between teachers and parents, as per GDPR requirements.

Why is this important?

Video and Voice communication between parents and teachers is important, to help maintain relationships between schools and students during lockdown. Parents and children can stay in contact with teachers to track attainment and welfare, which can be otherwise difficult during a period of remote learning. Maintaining this relationship through Jotter Call means that teachers do not have to sacrifice personal information or time boundaries to stay in contact with families.

Video Calls allow teachers to complete welfare checks on their students whilst continuing to keep with social distancing guidelines.

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