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Coxhoe Primary School

After having built up an extensive library of online resources, Coxhoe Primary School wanted to transfer their archive to an CMS system. Webanywhere were able to assist them with a smooth transfer and now this plethora of resources can be found on their School Jotter site.

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Coxhoe Primary School
Coxhoe, England
Education Solutions

A Way to Share

Coxhoe Primary School is well-known for its ‘share all’ approach to learning resources. For the last 6 years they have developed and grown the school website, turning it into a free library of learning material. Whilst hugely popular with teachers worldwide, the website was hard to navigate and expensive to update, meaning even the children couldn’t appreciate the valuable content it contained.

Regular Use

Coxhoe primary school decided it was time for a change; and began looking for a website solution which would be popular with teachers, pupils and parents alike. With over 11 million hits in 6 years, Coxhoe were keen to maintain the high Google ranks of the existing site and wanted to ensure previously saved links would all still be valid, minimising disruption to other schools that regularly use the Coxhoe website.

Edit the Website from

Coxhoe chose School Jotter to design, host and maintain the new school website. The CMS allows Coxhoe to easily make changes to the new website. Coxhoe’s staff can edit the site from anywhere with an internet connection and everyone can help out, as no technical
skills are needed to use School Jotter.

Favourite Features

Coxhoe’s favourite feature of School Jotter is the photo slideshows that can now be added to the website. Over the years Coxhoe have been collecting photographs of everything, allowing the school to cover the walls in fantastic reminders of all the great things the children at Coxhoe have achieved. The staff are thrilled they now have a way to share these great memories with those who can’t visit the school and have created a photo slideshow in School Jotter for each year group which they will update every time they have a new picture.

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