Affordable Pre-Designed Website Templates for Schools

We are thrilled to introduce our curated collection of pre-designed school website templates on a budget. These templates are the perfect solution for schools seeking a high-quality digital footprint without stretching their budget.

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Simplified, Cost-Effective, and Customisable School Websites

Our selection of pre-designed templates is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions. Each design is rich in features, ensuring your school’s website is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly.

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Here's How It Works:

Choose Your Template

Browse our variety of templates and select the one that best resonates with your school’s ethos and style.


Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll tailor the template with your school’s unique logo and color scheme, ensuring the website resonates with your school’s identity.

Training & Support:

Comprehensive graphs and figures can be created based on visitor data collated. This will make it much easier to make strategic improvements to your school website, while seeing how effective it is.

Rapid Turnaround

With our streamlined process, your new, customised school website can be up and running in just 5 days.


Check out our recent school website designs using our pre-designed templates

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Our Lady of Victories Catholic Primary School, Keighley

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Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust

Blessed Christopher Wharton Trust


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Lower Wortley Primary School

Lower Wortley Primary School


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Templewood Primary School

Templewood Primary School


Templewood Primary School is a leading educational institution located in a bustling suburban area. The school is committed to providing […]

Key Features of Pre-designed School Jotter Website Templates

 1. Initial Setup Necessities: To commence utilising a pre-designed School Jotter website template, you generally require: 
 • Access to the template, whether purchased or obtained for free.
 • A domain name representative of your school.
 • Web hosting services to enable online accessibility of your website.
 • Basic technical proficiency for setup and personalisation, or the aid of a web developer.
 2. Design Expenditure: The cost of developing a school website using a pre-designed School Jotter template varies: 
 • Prices for templates can range from complimentary to several hundred pounds.
 • Additional outlays for domain registration and web hosting.
 • Potential extra fees for bespoke features or customisations not included in the template.
 3. Content Management System (CMS): Pre-designed School Jotter templates typically include a CMS: 
 • Facilitates easy content updates and management.
 • Compatibility with the School Jotter’s own CMS, tailored for educational needs.

FAQs about Pre-designed templates for School Website

Templates usually offer a spectrum of customisation options, including colour themes and typography to layout alterations.  The degree of customisation varies from template to template.
We offer technical assistance and routine updates for security and functionality.  Support ranges from email and chat assistance to comprehensive documentation and user forums.

Contemporary templates are generally crafted to be responsive, ensuring effective functionality on diverse devices like smartphones and tablets.

Many templates support integration with educational tools and school management software.

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