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Bespoke School Web Design with School Jotter

We create informative, colourful and user-friendly school websites, catering for your school’s individual needs. This easy to use, flexible school web design and Content Management System (CMS) solution is designed especially for teachers – making sure you are able to showcase your school’s activity, while keeping parents informed.

20 years of working with schools across the UK

Worked with over 3000 Headteachers across the UK

500,000 school jotter mobile apps downloaded on parents phones

Web Design for School

Access, manage and edit your school website with ease. A streamlined and intuitive editing tool, allowing you to edit directly on the page.

Template or Custom Themes

Work with us to create an individual custom theme designed by our design team specifically for you, or enhance one of our existing designs with your school colors, logo and font.

Website Statistics

Comprehensive graphs and figures can be created based on visitor data collated. This will make it much easier to make strategic improvements to your school website, while seeing how effective it is.

Training & Unlimited Support

We are here to help you – offering support via phone, email or screen share.

Google Maps Integrated

Make it easy for parents to find your primary school or secondary school by adding this great tool.


Whether it’s via smart phone, tablet device, laptop or computer, School Jotter can be viewed so people can access your site anywhere and anytime.

Responsive Web Design

Give users the best possible experience across all modern computers, tablets, smartphones, and internet ready devices.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We optimise your website for search engines.

School Calendar Installed

Add key school dates, including school trips, term dates and events, so that teachers, parents and students can keep up to date.

School Photo Galleries & Slideshow

Parents will be able to see what students have been up to. With this amazing photo gallery tool, let the pictures do the talking!

School Jotter Mobile App

Keep parents up to speed and engaged with what’s happening at school. From news, events and useful links, to the urgent push notifications, one glance at their phone will tell parents all the essential information they need.

Contact Forms

An easy way for prospective parents or parents to contact the school via the website.


Find out what parents really think by creating surveys to suit your needs.

Social Media - Twitter/RSS Feed

Interesting news feeds can be added to your website to help keep your content fresh. You can even add your own accounts to communicate updates in real time.

SSL Certificates

SSL is important because it lets people use your website more safely.

Support and Security

We help you protect the security of your accounts.


Check out our recent school website designs and see what we can do for you!

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Key School Website Features
  • Translate option:
    Translates your schools website pages to any language
  • Website statistics:
    Analyse visitor numbers and page clicks
  • School calendar:
    Display all your key dates in one place
  • Bespoke school web designs:
    To reflect the colours and ethos of your school
  • Simple layout:
    Adding content and pages is quick and easy
Key Benefits
  • Meet Ofsted requirements:
    You School Website is easy to use, allowing you to add all the information required quickly and easily. New menu options can be created for you to add your data
  • Improve parental engagement:
    Translate allows parents whose first language is not English to easily find the information they are looking for; attractive designs mean visiting your website will be a joy
  • Eliminate paperwork:
    Instead of sending out newsletters, you can direct parents to your website. Absence forms can be created and submitted on your website too
  • Promote your school community:
    Your website will help advertise your school to potential parents. It can show off your greatest achievements and illustrate why they should choose you
  • Save time:
    The Site app is so simple to use that even the least tech-savvy teacher can update the primary school website

FAQs about School Website Design with School Jotter

We have 3 options for website design for your School:

  • £795 for a basic themed school website
  • 1695 for a deluxe theme school website (most popular)
  • £3995 for a bespoke school website

A one-to-one meeting with one of our dedicated production team. We will understand your goals and school website requirements and set the wheels in motion.

At School Jotter, we do offer bespoke solutions for your school website. Do get in touch with our team today and speak to one of our School Consultants.

Yes we can offer a quick audit of your school website and then implement changes to the design whether it’s to attract new parents or include accessibility features. To speak to one of our School Consultants simply fill in the form here.

We do offer school website design to both nursery settings and primary school settings.

Clear, ofsted complaint, and attractive to prospective parents. A school website should be a window into the school.

All of our websites are ultra mobile friendly. Over 80% of parents browse on a mobile devise rather than desktop. Is your website mobile friendly? Would you like us to check?

If the situation is urgent for example you don’t have one then we can turn it round in as little as a few days! Generally we say around 2 weeks.

We are the best when it comes to web design for schools. We have been working with our schools for over 20 years. We are very proud of this.

Yes, school websites are issued with every new website we create and renew every 3 months.

Get a free website health check today!

Since 2003, we’ve been working with thousands of schools around the world to develop the best school websites, mobile apps and online educational software.

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