We want to help our customers prepare for GDPR, so we’ve compiled a list of common questions we’ve been asked and other snippets of useful information.

Who is School Jotter’s GDPR Data Protection Officer?

Arthur Howie is our Data Protection Officer, therefore if you have any questions regarding School Jotter’s GDPR compliance please contact dpo@webanywhere.co.uk

Do you as a company keep / backup any photos or documents stored online?

No, we do not make or provide backups for files uploaded to School Jotter.

How does your system ensure the security of the personal data you hold?

– We use SSL for user logins
– VPC is used to segregate resources from the rest of the public cloud
– Firewalls are used to permit access to public facing endpoints only
– Keep servers and software up to date
– Regular penetration testing

What personal information do you hold?

School Jotter stores personal data such usernames, first names, last names, attendance records and student reports.

Where are your data and applications stored?

In Ireland.

Does any personal data flow from your system to anywhere else?

We use Amazon Web Services to host School Jotter.

Amazon Web Services are ISO27001 compliant and have strict policies on physical access to the data floors and employee background checks.

How do I make a subject access request?

Please contact us in writing via our contact page and your request will be fulfilled within a reasonable amount of time.

Where can I download your GDPR Data Processing Agreement?

Click here to view the full documentation regarding GDPR
To execute the agreement, please sign and return to dpo@webanywhere.co.uk