Is your website Ofsted compliant?

Now that your school website is looking amazing we can help you check that it has all the right content to engage your parents and fulfil Ofsted requirements.

Here we go

Layout Matters

Does your school website have an easy navigation system? We advise that all content should be easily found and be organised under relevant topics ie Our Classes/Parents information/Staffing.

Domain name

Ensure your domain name is the right one for the school.

Evidence and information

It might sound basic but if your school has gone on a school trip then evidence it and add links to where you went. Backup anything you want to show parents with links, facts and pictures (if you have the correct permission of course!)


Are all your policies clearly visible and accessible to all? Are all the policy documents present and correct? Can you open them if you have attached them as a document. As policies are reviewed regularly we would recommend checking that that are up to date every 3 months and remember to amend if a policy document changes.

Ofsted report

This is an absolute must. You can either add a link to the Ofsted page or attach the report to the relevant page.

Contact details of the school

Make sure the name of the school, address, contact details – phone number and emails are easily read. Clearly note who has responsibility for parent queries and or who the SEN leader is for the school. For an extra wow factor you can also add a google/apple map location.

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