Website of the Week – Woodbank Primary School, Bury

Published: January 4, 2016

This week we’ll be taking a look at a school who have clearly picked a theme for their website and then threaded everything through it. Woodbank Primary School in Bury are clearly rather fond of their leafy green visuals, something that shows up in the school’s logo, its iconography and even its photos.

I like how, rather than letting the design or even the teachers speak to the parents, the school has very clear opinions from its students, signaling a high degree of respect. The Head Boy and Head Girl are given their own paragraphs next to glossy photos, right on the homepage – certainly something enticing for any prospective parent. It’s clear from the additional imagery on the page as well that the school takes learning seriously, with smartly-dressed students in a variety of situations.
Design-wise, this is one of our first sites to feature parallax scrolling, where images behind the text appear to move at a different speed to the body of the page, producing a more dynamic web-page and allowing for greater use of imagery. I also like the tile-based buttons at the bottom of the page, but if I were to offer a tip it’d be to put them higher up – parents want to see your important information, and while it may be in the menu bar, not everyone’s going to check this!
Overall, a great, green website, so congratulations to Woodbank School!