School Jotter of the Week: Al-furqan Primary School

Published: April 11, 2014

We really love Al-furqan Primary School’s website – particularly the way that their theme matches the message that the school is trying to put across. This is a school that places pride in educating its children in both the national and Islamic curriculum, and doing so at the highest possible standard.

The website has a very smart and traditional theme which uses rich colours, such as maroon and gold. This reminds us that this school is very proud of the values that it enshrines. On each page, there’s also a banner that showcases photos of the school inside a film reel. I think this addition works really nicely as it captures the school’s goal of incorporating religious teaching within a modern educational system.

In the About Us section, they tell a story of a wise man who spends his time reflecting under a shady tree just outside his village. The moral of the story is that those who choose to see the good in people will be welcomed into the wise man’s community with open arms. Al-furqan Primary School represents that community. Since the school’s humble beginnings of a semi-detached house in Moseley, Birmingham, it remains a family that places great importance on expressing good values in everything that it does.
To view Al-furqan Primary School’s website click here. To find out how your own school’s website can reflect your school’s values, get in touch with us here.