Creating time sensitive content in Jotter 2

Published: August 20, 2015

We have recently introduced a new feature to School Jotter 2 which allows you to make content blocks on the website time sensitive.
In the example below,we are going to create an important notice that is set to display between a specific set of dates. Here is how to do it, step by step:

Step 1:
Make sure you are logged in to the website and click Edit Page in the green bar at the top.

Step 2:
Click on Insert Item and decide which type of block you are going to add to the page. In this example, we are going to add a Text block, so select Text from the Insert Item menu. See the screenshot below for illustration.

Step 3:
Decide where you are going to add the block to the page and click the black Insert text here bar.

Step 4:
Type in the text you wish to use as an important notice. In this example, we are going to type “IMPORTANT NOTICE: School re-opens on 5th September.”

Step 5:
Highlight the text that you have just typed in and use the font size icon in the toolbar to set the size of the text. If this text is going to be an important notice, make sure that it is large enough so that it is clearly visible on the page. In our example, we are going to set the font size to 18pt.

Step 6:
When you are in Edit Page mode, you will notice that a set of white configuration icons appear when you click on a specific block on the page. In order to make our Important Notice time sensitive, we are going to left click on the block we have created and then we are going to left click the white cog shaped icon. See the screenshot below which shows where this is located.

Step 7:
You then need to enter the dates that the block will be visible from and when it will be visible to. You can enter the date directly into the box provided using the correct format of yyyy-mm-dd. Alternatively, when you click the box, you will be provided with a mini calendar that can be used to select the date manually.

Step 8:
Once you have entered a date into each box, you can click the Save button, then click Save and Publish.
Please note that the time sensitive block you have created will always be visible when you are logged into the site as an admin. You should therefore log out of the website to test to see whether the time sensitive block appears or not.

If you need further help with editing your School Jotter 2 website, please visit our new online help system at