School Jotter Of The Week: Copley Primary School

Published: February 28, 2014

At Webanywhere, we always love to see a school website that’s a bit different, and Copley Primary School’s Windows 8-inspired website is definitely one that stands out!

The Halifax school recently had their website redesigned, and it now incorporates colourful ‘blocks’ on each page. The box for the header even changes colour!
The best thing about using colourful blocks to separate out the content on your website is that you can add a large amount of information to one page, without it looking messy. In fact, take a look at the Homepage – scroll down and you’ll see there is quite a lot on this page, yet the design of the website makes it look like there should be lots of content.

The way the menus have been ordered keeps things neat and tidy too – there are only four menu boxes – but hover over one and you’ll get further menu options. It’s clearly a website that wants its visitors to find their way around easily – whether that’s parents, pupils of Ofsted. Plus, this design would look great whether viewed on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
To take a look at Copley Primary School’s website click here. To find out how your school website can be colourful, functional and engaging, get in touch with us here.