Website of the Week – Woodlesford Primary

Published: November 3, 2015

“Is that one of ours?” I asked our delivery tech in disbelief, seeing the website for Woodlesford Primary on his monitors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that School Jotter websites are unattractive, but they certainly have a style to them, and not one Woodlesford fits. Here’s a website that demonstrates just what’s possible from our designers, developers and our software – I think I honestly have a new favourite website (sorry Warden Park, you still look fantastic though!).

What Woodlesford represents is a fantastic fusion of both photography and graphics, presented beautifully through our uber themes, the overall effect being modern and professional, yet also uniquely a primary school website. The bright colours and bold text are enticing to children, while also being useful and informative for staff. Everything is clearly labelled and information is easy to find – there’s even a Google Map embedded at the bottom of the page.

The school maintains an active calendar as well, demonstrating the power and versatility of the School Jotter Calendar app (included free with all School Jotter products), with colour-coded and informative notes on upcoming events and meetings. What we will point out, though, is that there’s also the potential here for some more use of the news features – another free app included with Jotter Site. Rather than PDF downloads, a proper feed of news items can be provided and automatically updated.
Overall, we’re really, really impressed with this website, and especially proud that it’s a local school too (our head office is just a few miles down the road in central Leeds!). Congratulations to Woodlesford Primary, here’s to many more years as happy customers!