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02 Jan
Best UK School Websites
The Best UK School Websites for 2018
Category: Education Technology
Your website is your school’s chance to make a powerful first impression. If someone with no knowledge of your school’s past achievements, results, or history arrived on your si...
18 Feb
Now fully available for your school – Office 365 integration
Category: Company News, Education Technolog...
We’re pleased to announce that Office 365 integration is now fully up and running for anyone using our School Jotter platform. You can now take advantage of the full range of Of...
09 Sep
INFOGRAPHIC: What to expect when you're expecting a School Jotter website
Category: Products, School Jotter, School W...
One of the most common questions our consultants get asked is “what’s your delivery process like and how long is it going to take?” This is something you shoul...