School Jotter 3 Presentation

Category: eLearning

Published: July 11, 2022

Arthur Howie a solution architect at Webanywhere talks about the launch of School Jotter 3 and the history behind School Jotter’s development. School Jotter 3 is our 3rd generation platform for school communication and community management. You can manage your website and mobile apps with School Jotter 3. We have focused for a number of years on re-writing School Jotter from the ground up. Listening to our customers we have enhanced the user experience to make School Jotter faster and easier to use. School Jotter 3 has adopted some of the latest web technologies to ensure you are ahead of the curve.

Website Of The Week: Debdale Federation

Published: May 31, 2013

Webanywhere work with a number of Federations, and one recent School Jotter 2 website created was for the Debdale Federation. Consisting of two schools, Yeoman Park School and Redgate School, the Debdale Federation went for an exciting splash page featuring a colourful image of the two schools, as you can see above.

Clicking on the relevant school on the splash page takes you through to the area of the website dedicated to that school. Once past the splash page, the design is simple and straightforward; however, the content that has been uploaded is succinct and fits the school website theme and design perfectly.

There is a real ‘community’ feel to this website, and the two Nottinghamshire schools have kept this theme throughout – particularly with the School Community section. Here you’ll find full details of everything from staff structure to a list of Friends of Debdale Federation. The Extended Services section is also interesting, giving details of other activities the school provides outside of the normal 9-3.30 – like their Summer Play Scheme, for example.
Splash pages are a great way to introduce your website to visitors and allow you to be really creative with images and design. To find out more about School Jotter 2, and bespoke splash pages, click here. To view the Debdale Federation website click here.