Website Of The Week: Wimborne Infant School

Published: April 23, 2013

On their School Jotter 2 website, Wimborne Infant School describe themselves as a ‘safe, bright, airy and colourful school’ – and, using School Jotter 2 to its full potential, this is the impression you get when you visit their website.

The Southsea, Hampshire school has gone for a background on their website that reflects their locale: all British townhouses and local wildlife. The content they’ve uploaded to the website equally reflects the ethos of the school: bright, fun pictures of children learning, and a warm friendly, welcome letter from the Headteacher.

One of the strongest features of the website is on the homepage – Wimborne Infant School have put a comment from Ofsted there, along with a parent’s thoughts on the school. This is perfect for attracting potential pupils’ parents.
Some of the school website is yet to be finished – but Wimborne Infant School have made a very promising start.
If you’re looking for a brighter, more engaging primary school website – send us a message via our Contact page. Take a look at Wimborne Infant School’s website here.