School Jotter of the Week: Carr Green Primary

Published: November 8, 2013

Carr Green Primary School’s website is not only comprehensive and brimming with information, but it is also colourful and inviting to those visiting the site.

The homepage in itself is a hub of information, from the welcome note by Mrs Bowyer, the headteacher to the Google slide show. In this particular case the slideshow provides information on up and coming events and after school activities. This tool can be easily integrated into the web page and changed when needed.

At the top of the page the usual menu buttons are placed, however there is an extra menu button for Learnanywhere, their learning platform. This is a fantastic feature as it allows teachers, pupils and parents to access the VLE simply and easily through the website. Also as most people know their schools website or at a push can ‘Google it’, it makes sense to provide a direct link from the website.

A very cute feature a the bottom of the page are links to important pages, or highly searched for pages – this includes pages such as Parent View, School Results, Pupil Premium and OFSTED Report. This may not sound cute at first, but these links have been incorporated into vegetable patches, in keeping with the rest of the website theme.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page there are award plaques showcasing the school’s achievements and associations that the school belong to.

To view Carr Green Primary School’s website, simply click here.