School Jotter of the Week: Thames Primary Academy

Published: December 6, 2013

As Thames Primary Academy is located in Blackpool, it seems fitting that their homepage reflects this. The flash based homepage has moving elements of a rollercoaster and flashing lights on the Blackpool tower. From this homepage there are four areas that you can explore depending on what you’re looking for – School, Thames CC, Nursery and Governors.

Once you click through to the school section you can find all the information you may need for the school itself. The ‘What’s New’ section, does what it says on the tin and provides information on the latest activities and achievements the pupils have been involved with. This ranges from ‘Merit Winner’ to ‘Spooky Story Time’.

This news is then broken down into ‘Year Group News’. Not only does this page provide the theme for each academic week, but it also gives links to each group and explains what the class will be doing that term.

Further to that, each class has their own blog which is regularly updated by the class teacher. This can range from different projects the children are working on, through to performances and general class work. This level of details really does give parents and visitors an insight into what each and every class is doing.

To view Thames Primary Academy’s website click here.