School Jotter of the Week: Cullingworth Village Primary School

Published: December 13, 2013

The look and feel of the site is personalised to the school itself, encompassing the school building and local features, including the moving train and viaduct bridge.

Each class has their own section of the website, with relevant information for each year group. The nice part of this is that each class has their ‘What we are doing’ page. These pages are full of detailed information and pictures about what has been going on in the classroom. This ranges from communication and language to expressive arts and designs.

The ‘How to’ section is a fantastic section for parents. Here you can click on links, for example, ‘Help your child with reading; spelling; writing and starting school’. Each area is then broken down by key stage so that you can really help improve their skill by age and ability.

Finally the ‘News and Letters’ section provides online versions of letters that have been sent out to parents or guardians. This not only includes newsletters, but also trip forms. Each letter link has the year group it’s for and the date it was issued – so that it can easily be located. These letters have also been split per term, again making it easier for parents to locate.

To view Cullingworth Village Primary School’s website click here.