School Jotter of the Week: Hoyle Court Primary School

Published: December 27, 2013

Hoyle Court Primary school’s website allows you to put names to faces with the ‘Meet Our Staff’ page. Children may come home and talk about certain staff members and with this page you can see what they do in school and what they look like. Furthermore, this page gives the school website a personality and human connection – rather than just lists of names, you can get a real feel for how the school runs.

Each class at the school is named after a famous person from the local area, which add a individual touch to the school. On the class pages themselves they have a gallery of pictures of the class, plus links to a more extensive gallery and to the homework that has been set. This enables parents not only to see what their child/ren have been up to, but also lefts them see what work has been set.

The ‘Parents’ sections provides a wealth of useful information and advice, from homework tips through to bullying and cyber bullying information.

The signpost at the bottom of every web page provides a quote from the most recent Ofsted inspection Hoyle Court had. In a just few lines the quote provided by Ofsted sums up how the school did and what the school is like.

Finally the school use Twitter to update parents about the latest events, activities and school opening/closing dates. This feed is shown live and update on their homepage, so even if you don’t follow them on Twitter you have the same information that others do.

To view Hoyle Court Primary School’s website click here.