School Jotter of the Week: Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Published: February 14, 2014

Holy Family Catholic Primary School, between Manchester and Wigan, have populated their School Jotter website with a huge amount of content – and you can see that it’s updated regularly.

The content they’ve included must be a dream for Ofsted inspectors – take their newsfeed for example. News stories include the latest newsletter, information regarding their funding for sports provision and information about their new Google Translate option – a popular feature for School Jotter website users.
Another good feature – something that more school websites should have – is a Governors area. On Holy Family’s website, this is a restricted area available for those with log in details only – so it means their website acts as an online portal for storing important documents safely.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School’s website is a great example of how a school website could be used – and will help them with future Ofsted inspections (an Inspector’s first port of call, remember, is the school’s website). If your school is looking at revamping or putting more time into developing and improving its website, take a look at Holy Family Catholic Primary School’s website here. You can request a School Jotter demo here.